Welcome PCA Parents! Thank you for allowing us to partner with you in the education of your child. We consider it a privilege and an honor to be working with your family. We’ve created this website section just for you. We want your experience at PCA to be fulfilling and fun. Plymouth Christian is more than just a school for your child; it’s a community for your entire family.

Please take a moment to see the ways that we are here to support your family and give you a voice in our school.

Superintendent Parent Cabinet

The administration of Plymouth Christian Academy recognizes that working together with committed parents and alumni results in the best possible educational environment for our students. During the summer of 2013, PCA adopted the model of a Superintendent-Parent Cabinet and Parent Advisory Teams for this purpose.

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Booster Board

The Athletic Booster Board is a volunteer group of individuals who support the athletic programs of Plymouth Christian Academy. The goal of the Booster Board is to use the funds raised to provide resources for the athletic programs of PCA as approved by the Booster Board and Superintendent.

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New Family Mentor Program

The Parent Teacher Fellowship welcomes you to PCA. In an effort to make your transition as smooth as possible, the PTF offers a New Family Mentor Program. If you would like to be matched up with a parent whose children are in a similar grade or grades, please click on the following link and fill out the online form. That parent will be available to answer your questions and concerns and inform you of important events that occur during the school year. Interested?

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Parent Teacher Fellowship

The Parent Teacher Fellowship is committed to supporting the ministry of Plymouth Christian Academy. The goals are to encourage every parent to get involved, to support the faculty in both personal and professional ways, and to build community and school spirit.

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Volunteering at PCA

Passionate volunteers provide encouragement, excitement, and energy to just about every event and program that takes place at PCA. The blessing of being involved as a volunteer goes beyond just impacting our school. Volunteering touches your heart as you invest your time and build relationships along the way.

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