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Choosing the right private school for your child needs prayerful consideration. You want them to have access to excellent resources for their studies and options for extracurricular activities, but you also want your children to grow and learn in a Christ-caring environment that will nurture their natural talents. 

Plymouth Christian Academy C.A.R.E.S. for your child with a schooling experience that is:

  • Christ-Centered, 
  • Academically Minded, 
  • Relationally Focused, 
  • Excellence Driven, and 
  • Spiritually Grounded. 

Here, your child will receive guidance and genuine care from elementary school into their high school education. Niche also named PCA as 2021’s #1 Best Christian High School in Wayne County—your child’s educational journey is in faithful hands.

If you’re searching for a private school near Southfield, MI, contact us today to schedule a tour.

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Academics | Plymouth Christian Academy


At Plymouth Christian Academy, we value academic excellence through a lens of biblical truth. PCA fosters a robust academic understanding that is in line with the teachings and life of Jesus Christ. The setting allows each of our students to connect their core educational values to their spiritual walk.

Your child will have ample opportunities to make personal connections with the academy’s leadership for full support on academic pursuits. Our Plymouth Christian Academy educators also work hard to nurture individual students and point them toward Christ’s example.

Call 735-459-3505 to learn more about beginning your child’s education in our Christian elementary school.

Fine Arts | Plymouth Christian Academy


God blesses each of us with unique talents, and the PCA Fine Arts Program helps students hone these gifts for His glory. Your child can find their place in the program, whether they want to make a joyful noise with the band and strings lessons, express themselves through theatre and dance, explore the beauty of creation with visual art, or lift their voices in song.

Our Christian school openly encourages all students to use their talents faithfully and uplift the community.

Athletics | Plymouth Christian Academy


The extensive athletics program at PCA is a wonderful way for students to improve teamwork skills while also building their relationships with God. It isn’t difficult to become competitive while engaged in sports, but PCA athletes also strive to bring a Christ-like attitude into every sport. 

Our coaches celebrate the students’ accomplishments as equal to strides in sportsmanship. Respect during the game is as important for individual progress as motor skills development. As a team, PCA athletics provides a great foundation for leadership roles, too.

Student Life | Plymouth Christian Academy


As in many private high schools, student life at Plymouth Christian Academy is rich and varied. Your child will receive incredible opportunities to enjoy extracurricular fellowship with peers and explore their interests. Through club activities, community service, and spiritual development, our students gain a better understanding of their place in God’s world.

PCA student life aims to surround your child in a loving, welcoming atmosphere that helps them develop into tomorrow’s leaders. If it’s edifying and God-honoring, there’s room for it at PCA.

Learn more about how our student activities at PCA can improve your child’s emotional and spiritual life.

Private School Admissions Process | Plymouth Christian Academy

Enrolling your child in PCA’s private elementary school or private preschool is the perfect way to begin their education. PCA welcomes applications from students from all walks of life.

The admissions process with PCA involves four easy steps:

  1. Fill out the basic online inquiry form
  2. When our representative reaches out in response to your inquiry, be sure to ask about Variable Tuition plans that make financing your child’s education simpler. 
  3. Schedule a virtual or in-person tour of the campus.

When you decide you would like to enroll your child, you’ll need to complete our PCA application.

Plymouth Christian Academy | Your Private School Near Southfield, MI

If you’re looking for an excellent private school near Southfield, Plymouth Christian Academy is an excellent choice for your child’s education and faith. With an average classroom size of 20 students or less, your child will receive proper academic and spiritual attention throughout their schooling. We provide an open environment for worship through learning and encourage our students to use their knowledge for the betterment of God’s kingdom.

From the first class at our Christian preschool to the final celebration at their Christian high school graduation, our students learn six primary values: respect, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, responsibility, and citizenship. God has a calling for each of us, and we make it our mission to help our students discover that purpose. Apply to Plymouth Christian Academy today.