Our Mission

Plymouth Christian Academy, in partnership with parents, educates students from a biblical worldview and equips them for a lifetime of learning, leadership, service, and as faithful followers of Christ

Our Purpose

The purpose of PCA is to produce students matured in their love for God, steeped in His word, educated about His world, dedicated to lives of service and learning, and prepared to fulfill their calling in His kingdom


Our Core Values


Christ-Centered, Academic Minded, Relationally Focused, Excellence Driven, Spiritually Grounded



Jesus Christ is central to all academic, spiritual, and physical instruction


Academic Minded

The school is focused academically in providing a strong college preparatory program

Relationally Focused

We embrace diversity, demonstrate compassion, show respect, and offer forgiveness as part of the body of Christ


Excellence Driven

We believe that we are called to do all things with excellence as we strive to advance each student in four life areas: spiritual, academic, social, and physical


Scripturally Grounded

Because we believe that the Bible is the inerrant, literal, and the source of absolute truth, it provides the foundation for all that we do


Vision Statement

Plymouth Christian Academy is committed to providing the highest quality Christian college preparatory education throughout Southeastern Michigan in collaboration with parents, local churches, and ministry partners to develop lifelong faithful followers of Christ.


Our School | Ministry Philosophy of Education at Plymouth Christian Academy

  • At our core, we are a ministry. We are not only a mere alternative to public schools with higher moral standards, smaller class sizes, or higher academic standards; we exist to mature students into faithful followers of Christ. 
  • We believe in a God that is sovereign and that He brings families to PCA for His purposes, allowing us to serve these students and families for His glory. 
  • We believe in the authority and supremacy of God’s Word, the Bible. We believe that it is trustworthy, inerrant, relevant, complete, and the final authority. Therefore, as leaders, we make decisions based on God’s Word and daily teach each of our students the precepts of the Bible so that they would grow to revere it and rely on it for the rest of their lives.
  • Our school exists to develop wisdom in our students, rather than mere absorption of information. Our calling as an academic institution is to provide an environment which equips young men and women to find their purpose and worth in Him, developing Biblical character, and establishing a vibrant personal relationship with Him.
  • We are a college preparatory institution which provides academic rigor challenging each of our entire PCA student body to fulfill their calling, giftings and capabilities to serve Him with excellence.
  • Each of us is called to be salt and light in the places we work, play, and live. Therefore, staff and students are expected to be image bearers of Jesus and to verbally proclaim who God is to those around us. Because of this, we have high expectations for our behavior, character, and engaging our communities in a way that allows them to see the truths of Jesus and His character in us. We provide gospel-rich education and disciple our students in how to live out the Great Commission.
  • We believe that the ultimate teacher in all of history was Jesus. His methodology and approach to teaching provide a model for our staff. Each and every teaching and non-teaching staff member is called to disciple the students He has trusted us with. We are all on mission together to say “Follow me”.