Giving | Plymouth Christian Academy

As a private Christian school, we rely on God’s provision through charitable donations to Plymouth Christian Academy. Your tax-deductible contributions help to sustain and enhance our programs, facilities, and the overall educational experience of students.

Whether it is to recognize the extraordinary experience you received as an alumnus, to make a difference in the education of your child or grandchild, or simply because you know the value of a PCA education, your gifts ensure that Plymouth Christian Academy continues to provide the best possible education for our students and for generations to come.

A Message from Plymouth Christian Academy

Since Plymouth Christian Academy opened its doors in 1976, we have strategically invested in resources that provide an excellent Christian education for mission-appropriate students. This was just the beginning. God is inviting us to shape the next generation of leaders for His glory in new and innovative ways. PCA is far more than a building made of bricks and mortar. It’s a journey to enrich the minds of young people and inspire their hearts to lead and serve Him in the future. This vision has endured the test of time, the winds of change and unforeseen shifts in culture.

The founding, faithful people and ministry partners who stayed the course will never be forgotten. We are incredibly blessed to make the same difference they made in their generation for our Savior. And while we retain this foundational value, it is clear that we must strengthen our infrastructure, buildings and grounds and enhance and develop elementary, middle and high school facilities, programs and spiritual development as tools to:

  • Accomplish our mission to educate students for eternity and enrich the spiritual formation of every student at PCA to impact their world for Christ
  • Expand facilities that includes additional classrooms to accommodate growth and challenging educational opportunities for learning, leadership and service
  • Enhance instructional innovation and STEM programs
  • Continue to provide championship athletic programs
  • Strengthen our award winning Fine Arts program

We are blessed to be what we call, “more than a school” and we are thrilled to unleash immeasurable potential in every scholar, artist, athlete, leader and servant for Christ. Our scholars will be be challenged to think biblically and evaluate critically. Our artists will develop their God-given creativity. Our athletes will function as part of a team and develop their God-given abilities for His glory. Our leadership and mentoring experiences will inspire leaders to set an example for future generations. Our students will learn a new focus in life that is centered on serving others in Jesus’ name.

Plymouth Christian is a place where you will find community.  It’s a place where our students will be surrounded by dedicated, exceptional faculty and staff who nurture, mentor, counsel and care. Our culture is diverse with over 120 churches represented. As we welcome international students, they are adding to our cultural fabric in dynamic ways.

Thank you for joining us in this mission and making a difference every day at Plymouth Christian Academy.