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The mission and purpose of the Secondary Private School Education Program at Plymouth Christian Academy for grades 7-12 are to provide an education that supports young people during a pivotal time of growth. PCA offers a strong foundation for students in grades 7-12 that allows them to pursue excellence in all areas of school and life for the glory of God.

Middle school and high school academics at PCA are rich with opportunities in the arts, sciences, athletics, and beyond. We seek to create well-rounded leaders through engagement in various disciplines such as Biblical studies, technology, fine arts, math and sciences, world language, physical education, and more.

Extracurricular endeavors are also encouraged for students in grades 7-12. Students are able to explore their God-given gifts with passion and joy inside our positive, inclusive environment. Sports teams, artistic outlets, and opportunities to serve their community work in conjunction to build future leaders who walk forward in life with a Christ-like attitude and a joyful heart.

During their time at Plymouth Christian Academy, our students develop high-level thinking and reasoning skills, expand their creative expressivity, and deepen their relationship with Christ all while cultivating the values of integrity, respect, and teamwork.

Secondary Private School Course Catalogs and Class Information

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Purple and Gold Daily Schedules & Your Guide to the Plymouth Christian High School Experience.

AP/Dual Enrollment

ExPlore Week

Modeled after the college January Term Idea, (J-Term), PCA’s ExPlore Week is designed to increase learning opportunities for students. We offer classes and experiences not typically available during the year, giving 9th- 12th grade students an opportunity to learn in areas they are either passionate about and explore new ideas and skills. The “block” or trip nature of the one week also allows for focused, in-depth study and deeper relationships with teachers and a small group of students. PCA’s ExPlore Week takes place during the spring of each school year. To learn more, visit the ExPlore Webpage by clicking HERE.


Graduation Requirements

Michigan Merit Credits


plus PCA Core Curriculum Credits


plus General Elective Credits


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We invite you to visit and experience the 7-12 Secondary Education Program at Plymouth Christian Academy for yourself. Contact the school office to set up a tour. We look forward to meeting you!