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Elementary Band

Instrumental music instruction for elementary band begins in the fifth grade. Small group instruction offers student the opportunity to lean their instrument in a sequential manner Beginning band students may choose from a variety of woodwind and brass instruments, as well as percussion.
The 5th and 6th-grade band meets twice a week. Students start with the basics and will also learn about music theory and history. Band students also benefit from visits by professional clinicians in their instrument family.
Elementary Band participates in the Christmas and Spring Concerts.

Secondary Band

Middle School and High School Students develop their musical skills in comprehensive group instruction. The secondary level band offers students the opportunity and challenge of playing more advanced, demanding musical works. Their studies will have an added emphasis on building finer technique, producing a beautiful tone, expanding range and power, learning scales, and forming into a mature musician.
Music theory and history are also incorporated into lessons. Music independence is developed by increased sight reading and leadership opportunities. Students are encouraged to participate in the Solo & Ensemble and band festivals offered through MSBOA. The high school band will also get to experience unique educational and engaging trips to perform at various venues throughout the local area and beyond. They will also perform in the Fine Arts Gala, PCA’s Got Talent, Christmas and Spring Concerts, and Homecoming. Selected students may also play in the pit for the Spring Musical.
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jazz band

Jazz Band

The Jazz Band places an emphasis on performing a variety of styles of jazz music. These styles are blues, shuffle, ballad, funk, samba, and rock. Students will learn to improvise solos through the study of chord changes, theory, and audiation. Jazz Band students will also study the history of jazz and jazz musicians, learning about the icons who paved the way for jazz. Students will also learn about the process of transcription, in order to fully develop their ear training, and diversify their jazz vocabulary. Finally, the members of the jazz ensemble will perform at all concerts, and festivals.

Fine Arts Booster Board

The Fine Arts Booster Board was formed by a group of parents and staff in the Spring of 2015. The mission of the PCA Fine Arts Booster Board is to advance the arts at Plymouth Christian Academy so that our students can impact their community and world for Christ.

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