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As a parent, one of the most important things you can do for your child is to find the right private school that will mold them with knowledge and understanding of the world around them. While many parents believe their children can find this model in public schools, others put their faith in private schools. 

Private schools offer smaller class sizes, so each student receives more attention alongside stronger academics and extracurricular activities. However, if you’re looking to find the right private school that will shape your child’s morals, values, and spirituality, count on us at the Plymouth Christian Academy.


Academics | Arts

If you’ve decided to go with a private school, don’t assume all private schools are the same. While you may be impressed with the class size, look closely at the learning curriculum. 

Usually, private schools use the same standard instructional model as public schools. However, sometimes they will use more progressive models to help your child focus more on their God-given talents.

Plymouth Christian Academy embodies a Bible-centered curriculum that relates life lessons to the Lord’s teachings in small class sizes of around 20 students. Furthermore, our students exceed our academic standards at every grade level, leading them into top colleges and lifelong success. 

What’s more, our fine arts programs are second to none as we prepare children beginning at the young age of five to express their God-given creativity and individuality with confidence. From vocal music, dancing, and band and string to theater and visual arts, we encourage skill discovery and expression.


Research the Logistics

To find the right private school, don’t forget to consider transportation needs, tuition fees, extracurricular activities, and other logistics that can affect your decision. 

If you’re sending your child to a private school because they have different needs, make sure your potential school offers special education programs, specialized teachers, and meets your family’s goals. On the other hand, if public schools are moving too slowly for your gifted child, your school should offer advanced placement (AP) programs or accelerated courses. 

As a parent, you should also consider how this school will affect you. If you’re crunched for time daily, the school’s pick-up and drop-off hours may not coincide with your work or personal schedule. If your child isn’t attending a boarding school, your private school of choice should have before or after hours to watch your child.  

However, even these hours should suit your timeframe before deciding on a given school.

Extracurricular Activities | Athletics

Extracurricular activities allow your child to form relationships with others, discover their passions and skills, and hone in on their creativity. At Plymouth Christian Academy we offer a range of extracurricular activities to help your child find their true passion. Some of these activities include:

  •  Robotics
  • Summer Camps
  • Clubs

At Plymouth Christian Academy, we value our musical, theatrical, and artistic programs as well as our athletic programs, including boys and girls:

  •     Volleyball
  •     Basketball
  •     Soccer
  •     Track and Field
  •     Cross Country

We promote good sportsmanship, respect, and other Christian characteristics, and many of our students receive sports scholarships and a positive outlook of the future and God.


Your Family’s Goals

Similar to many private schools, PCA provides quality education, which will follow your child for the remainder of their life. However, our school offers more than STEM and literature programs complemented by extracurricular activities. 

We place God at the center of everything we teach since we believe Christ is the heart and soul of all that we do (Colossians 1:18). That means referring to holy scriptures during lessons, embracing our God-given talents, and embodying Christ-like traits as best as possible. 

It’s with divine inspiration, salvation, and faith that we construct a bright future for your child.


Find The Right Private School With Plymouth Christian Academy | Canton, MI

Private schools can be as different as day and night. While one may offer a schedule that fits yours, others may have a more desirable academic approach. Therefore, if you’re looking to find the right private school, make sure you take all factors into consideration before making a final decision. 

We at the Plymouth Christian Academy accept nothing less than the best well-rounded education for all students. Despite grade level, learning requirements, or skill sets, we encourage all students. Therefore, if you’re searching for a “private school near me” in or around Canton, MI, rely on PCA for all your child’s needs. 

Start by calling 734-459-3505 to begin the journey of the education your child deserves!


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