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Why PCA Is a Great Fit for Your Family

Place your child into a welcoming, nurturing environment to develop a strong foundation in Christ at Plymouth Christian Academy. As one of the best Christian schools in Michigan, PCA comprises a team of dedicated teachers, administrators, and staff that strive to make a wholesome, well-rounded education available to all.

At PCA, we do everything we can to accommodate students and their families by offering specialized educational programs, exciting extracurricular activities, and variable tuition based on ability to pay. As a ministry of Calvary Baptist Church, PCA welcomes all parents to visit our campus and submit applications for their children.


What To Expect When Visiting PCA

Our friendly staff members love nothing more than to guide future Plymouth Eagles on a tour of our sprawling, 45-acre campus. Our Christ-centered approach to education goes beyond reading, writing, and arithmetic, branching out into the fine arts, emerging technologies, competitive sports, and much more.

During your in-person campus visit, you may explore our:

  • Classrooms
  • Science lab and STEM lab
  • Media center
  • Band room
  • Soccer, baseball, and softball fields
  • Basketball gym, activity center, and weight room
  • Playgrounds, lunchrooms, and administrative offices

Interested parents who can not attend an in-person tour may wish to try a virtual tour of our campus.


What Are the Benefits of Attending PCA

PCA students enjoy a well-rounded education that prepares them for adulthood, college, and beyond. Discover some of the benefits of attending our Christian academy school below.

Educating for Eternity

In an era of questionable curriculums, Plymouth Christian Academy offers a breath of fresh air to parents who prefer their children to receive a meaningful education rooted in Christ. We provide many advanced classes and extracurricular activities but always focus on keeping things centered around Our Lord and Savior.


Enriching Extracurricular Activities

At PCA, we offer specialized programs in science, fine arts, athletics, and more. Examples include our robotics programs, PCA Theatre program, and many athletic programs in the Michigan Independent Athletic Conference.


High-Quality Educators

Our veteran teachers and staff bring years of experience to the classroom. With over half of our faculty holding advanced degrees and 98% of our high school graduates accepted into a college or university, PCA parents know that their children will be attending a school that prepares them for the future.


How Can We Help You Find the Right School for Your Child

At PCA, we put the academic success of students before our own interests. As such, we offer free advice on choosing between all of the best Christian schools in Michigan. Our free Start Smart e-book will guide you through four steps as you create a list of potential schools, review curriculums, tour campuses, and vet your options.

You can read through our Start Smart e-book and discover how to narrow your list of schools based on the three P’s: Proximity, Price, and Philosophy.

The Admissions Process at Plymouth Christian Academy

We try our best to make the admissions process as simple as possible. If you find yourself searching for “Christian schools near me,” we have broken down our admissions process into four steps:

Parents must create an account with PCA to apply for admission, complete their online application form, and pay the application fee.


Information on Tuition & Fees

At PCA, we would like to provide every student with the academic aptitude to succeed, regardless of their parents’ ability to pay. To that end, we offer variable tuition to local families that qualify. Parents of exceptional students may apply for a 15% to 50% reduction in tuition costs for our Christian elementary school and high school. Depending on the grade level of your child, you can find more about tuition below:


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