Doing Your Research
Our e-book helps you locate the very best Christian schools in your city and create a short list of those which best meet your needs.

When it comes to education, your family has many options.

As a parent, you know that your child’s learning environment will have a lifelong impact. Start Smart is a free e-book that helps you narrow down your list of school options by engaging a simple, four-step process. What once seemed like a daunting task becomes an exciting and enjoyable journey for your family.

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Start Smart

An E-Book for Parents

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"The faith integration, along with teachers who are passionate for Christ, is something I would not have experienced at any other school."

Rebekah Jarvis - EC Class of 2016
Cornell University

Read more of Rebekah's story and others like it here!


Finding the right private
school can be

Our FREE Start Smart e-book 
helps make the process easier.

Watch this Smart Video!

Watch this Smart Video!

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Our FREE Start Smart 
e-book helps make 
the process easier.

Finding the right private school can be challenging.

How Do You Choose the Best Christian School?

Our e-book equips you to make the best educational choice for your family.


Invest Wisely

Second only to the home, a child’s learning environment has significant impact on who he or she will become. Parents considering Christian education know this, and want to get the most out of their investment. Start Smart was created to help you choose a school that best aligns with your family’s values, desires, and budget. Through a simple, four-step process, you can become equipped to confidently choose a partner for your child’s education.

Preparing for Campus Tours
Learn what to look for during school visits, what questions to ask, and how to spot the signs of a safe and effective learning environment.

Enrolling with Confidence 
Get familiar with the admissions process and understand the steps involved when enrolling your child in the right Christian school.

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