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Elementary Kids Giving A Group High Five | Private Christian Elementary School | Plymouth Christian Academy

Private Christian Elementary School | Plymouth Christian Academy

If it’s time for your young child to enter elementary school, you’ll need to select an institution carefully. The first eight years of any child’s life are the most formative to learning. Selecting a private Christian elementary school with a dedicated staff and emphasizing academics and character-building focusing on Christ and service will put them on a lifelong path to learning and success.

Plymouth Christian Academy in Canton, MI, is one such institution. Our committed and faithful Christian educators and staff prepare all students for a life centering around the gospel of Jesus Christ, learning, leadership, and service to others. We understand that we need to help children stay grounded academically and spiritually, which is why we treat elementary education with the utmost importance.

Our staff provides a comforting and encouraging family atmosphere and small classes to help children flourish from a young age. We understand how quickly children’s formative years pass. We will gladly answer any question you have about your child’s educational, social, and spiritual experience at PCA.


Why Plymouth Christian Academy

When searching for “private K-12 schools near me” or “private Christian school near me,” PCA will be near the top of the list. Since 1976, we regularly rank as a leading private Christian elementary school in Michigan. 

In 2021, we earned a high rank as one of Niche’s best private elementary schools in the Detroit area. To determine the best educational facilities for K-12 schools, Niche looks at everything from school culture to student-teacher ratios to diversity. 

Plymouth Christian Academy frequently outranks other elementary schools in the region due to the excellence we provide students, parents, and our communities.


Elementary Academics at Plymouth Christian Academy

At PCA, we believe that the academic foundation children have at early ages will impact them well into adulthood. From the moment students enter our private Christian elementary school, they will receive a balanced curriculum focusing on the biblical teachings and gospel of Christ and literature, mathematics, social studies, language arts, science, and more. 

In addition to the core curriculum, we incorporate lessons in world languages, technology, physical education, fine arts, and music. We design all courses and instructions to enrich the lives of every student by making them educated, well-rounded individuals with a love for Christ. 

The PCA faculty cares about each child’s educational development and spiritual growth because they need both facets to spread the gospel and serve others. We offer weekly chapels that will reinforce the Christian faith based on biblical truths to help children become faithful adults who live by the word of God.


Elementary Athletics, STEM, & Fine Arts

Students will do more than study in classrooms at Plymouth Christian Academy with our special activities.

Our robust athletics program helps students build their character through physical activities and sports. We encourage athletes to do their best individually and as part of a team by using their God-given abilities. 

Whether students win or lose, they will learn how to treat each athletic opportunity with respect and dignity. As part of our elementary athletic program, PCA has a Jump Rope Club, Walking Club, and Olympic Track & Field Day.


Besides athletics, Plymouth Christian Academy also has a fine arts program to help students channel their creativity into a showcase of God’s love that they can share with others. We believe self-expression helps children understand and display their Christian faith. We encourage growth in the fine arts with:

  • Music lessons
  • Seasonal concerts
  • Elementary choir 
  • Band for fifth and sixth graders
  • Strings and piano lessons for K-6th grade


We provide STEM-related activities for elementary students who express increased interest in science, technology, engineering, and math. For instance, we hold a wintertime Robotics Club for second and third graders after school to learn the basics of robotics. 

PCA also has a competitive Robotics Club for fourth, fifth, and sixth graders. Participates will learn to investigate, design, program, and test robots. 


Plymouth Christian Academy | Private Christian Elementary School in Canton, MI

When you need to find one of the best private Christian elementary school for your child, you can be confident Plymouth Christian Academy will guide them through a successful educational journey. We strive to maintain a spirit of academic excellence within a close-knit environment that puts God firmly in the center. 

As one of the leading private Christian schools in Michigan, PCA has more to offer than a robust academic curriculum. We want to help your child develop a lifelong devotion to learning, service, and Christ through everything from academics to after-school activities. Inquire about admissions today.


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