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Best Private K-12 Schools | Plymouth Christian Academy Elementary School

Plymouth Christian Academy is renowned for its academic excellence that starts in its elementary school curriculum. What sets PCA elementary apart as one of the best private K-12 schools is its broad range of teachings that start at a young age. Children learn core values that equip them with the skills they need for a lifetime of learning, leadership, and service.

PCA is a private Christian elementary school that ranks highly as one of the best private K-12 schools in 2021 in the Detroit area, according to Niche. Niche is a ranking site that looks at a wide variety of factors, including student-teacher ratio, quality of colleges students attend, culture and diversity, parent and student surveys, and the composite SAT/ACT score of students.

PCA has consistently ranked highly among other Christian elementary schools in the region. The Niche award confirms what many parents already know—Plymouth Christian Academy elementary offers the foundation that children need.

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Academics | Plymouth Christian Academy

PCA believes in developing a foundation of learning and service as soon as possible. Therefore, the elementary school cultivates an atmosphere of learning and discovery while encouraging children to identify what appeals to them.

Each student gets individual attention, as PCA has no more than 20 students per class. PCA aligns all the academic objectives with a biblical worldview, allowing children to see the world through this lens. Doing so ensures that children live a life of service and faith without neglecting their academic achievements.

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Athletics | Plymouth Christian Academy

A healthy body is just as important as a healthy mind. Children learn from an early age to work in a team and to do the best with their God-given abilities. The sports field is an excellent place to develop a strong Christian character on and off the field.

This attitude starts from an early age, and the PCA elementary encourages many of the social aspects of athletics from the beginning. The school also encourages parental participation, no matter what form it takes. From coaches and volunteers to booster board members, everyone plays a role in the Plymouth Christian Academy athletics program.

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Fine Arts | Plymouth Christian Academy

Arts provide an excellent way to express God’s love. PCA offers a unique fine arts program that starts at the elementary school level and carries throughout the child’s school career. Every child gets the encouragement they need to develop their unique talents, both individually and in a group setting.

Creative self-expression helps children develop emotionally. It presents a way to communicate their understanding of the world while also fostering a sense of self-respect, flexibility, and respect for others. While not every child is the next Picasso, the commitment to arts helps our children become outstanding adults who display core Christian values.

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Private Elementary School Admissions Process | Plymouth Christian Academy

Getting into one of the best private K-12 schools can change your child’s life. Instead of going for the first hit on Christian elementary schools near me search, take the time to do your research. Plymouth Christian Academy adopts a holistic approach to your child’s education—right from the beginning.

Plymouth Christian Academy admits students of all races, genders, and ethnic origins. The school welcomes any academically qualified children ready to learn in a nurturing Christian environment.

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Plymouth Christian Academy | One Of The Best Private K-12 Schools

Everyone wants to give their child the best start in life. Getting into one of the best private K-12 schools can foster a lifelong passion for service and learning. Out of all the private schools near me, Plymouth Christian Academy offers the most well-rounded experience, focusing not only on learning but also on fine arts, athletics, and more—all through a Biblical framework.

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