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Boys 1st Team All Conference | Plymouth Christian Academy Athletics

At its core, our Plymouth Christian Academy athletics programs first foster a Christian character—promoting Christ-like respect and dignity whether on the court, in the classroom, or abroad in the world. 

Working as a team, our athletes develop their God-given skills and ability in His name. Our student-athletes strive for excellence through Christ-centered academic and spiritual dedication. 

The 2020-2021 athletic season brought challenges that our athletes met with Christian character and strength in God’s grace. Below are highlights of the successes our athletes achieved this season with the guidance of our academic programs.


PCA Fall Sports

God blessed our Plymouth Christian Academy athletics program with successes in Fall 2020. We stayed focused and strong in God’s love, achieving success through teamwork and grace.

Our PCA Soccer program boy’s team achieved the MIAC championship for the first time in the program’s history during the Fall season and ranked #1 as we headed to the state playoffs. 

The PCA Girl’s Cross Country ranked 2nd in the MIAC Conference, and our PCA Volleyball program produced district champions and placed 2nd in the conference.


PCA Winter Sports

Through hard work and dedication to excellence, our Plymouth Christian Academy Athletics program enjoyed another successful winter season. 

The PCA’s Boy’s Basketball team became MIAC Conference champions! Our PCA Girl’s Basketball team also became MIAC Conference champions during the winter season, taking home the champion title for the first time in the program’s history. 

Plymouth Christian Academy continues to enjoy God’s grace in the success of our PCA Bowling program. Our boy’s bowling team ranked second in a newly-created MIAC Conference.


PCA Spring Sports

Our PCA Baseball program continues to excel, the Plymouth Christian Academy varsity baseball team is proud to be the home of a MIAC Co-MVP of the season, Jacob Weertz. Our Eagles continued to uphold strong Christian character as they take their successes to the PCA District Baseball Championship

As students and athletes overcome the challenges of 2020-2021, our PCA Soccer program continues to exemplify athletic success grounded with Christian core values. This Spring, our PCA Girl’s Soccer team celebrated with a District title. 


Dan Brandel Activity Center

To honor our late colleague and friend, Dan Brandel, our athletics department is proud to announce the renaming of the PCA Activity Center as the Dan Brandel Activity Center

Dan Brandel was an exceptional Christian in all areas of his life. As a coach and faculty member working with the Plymouth Christian Academy athletics program, Dan used his gifts to better our academy for God’s glory. After retiring from PCA, Dan entered full-time ministry services and sadly passed serving our Lord during missions in Africa. We’re proud to raise his name in our Lord’s sight. 


2020-2021 Plymouth Christian Academy Athletics

Through a combination of Christ, education, and athletics, our students at Plymouth Christian Academy develop into capable, steadfast Christians ready to do our Lord’s work in the wider world. The successes of our Plymouth Christian Academy Athletics program within the challenging atmosphere in the 2020-2021 athletic season demonstrate the strength of His light.

Our athletic program excels in combining teamwork, academic excellence, and athletic fitness to succeed for His glory. We offer competitive athletic training, sound education, and a strong spiritual focus for any young Christian. Contact us today to learn more.


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