First Grade at PCA

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First Grade at Plymouth Christian Academy

Plymouth Christian Academy has a long-standing reputation as one of the best private Christian elementary schools in Wayne County, Michigan, and a top 15 educational facility in the state. The success of our students stems from our faculty’s dedication to providing children with the tools they’ll need for a lifetime of service and learning at a young age. 

Our private school offers Christ-centered curriculums for grades K-12, but first grade at Plymouth Christian Academy is where we lay a foundation of learning for every student. With our unique blend of a family-like atmosphere, academic excellence, and the gospel of Jesus Christ, we prepare young children for their future.


First Grade Academics at Plymouth Christian Academy

Our skilled and faithful teachers for first grade at Plymouth Christian Academy foster an environment that puts God, discovery, and creativity at the center of every learning experience. Together, the PCA staff encourages young minds to embrace academics within our small classroom environments. 

The first-grade curriculum also plays a significant role in preparing children for their elementary and secondary education. It also lays the path for developing faith in Christ through biblical lessons. Your child will learn the purpose of prayer, how to locate the Ten Commandments in the bible, summarize crucial moments in Christ’s ministry, and more.

Though biblical teachings are at the forefront of our first-grade curriculum, our educators also provide lessons in:

  • Literature and reading
  • Writing and grammar
  • Handwriting
  • Mathematics
  • Social studies
  • Science

First graders at PCA will also receive 11 weeks each in Spanish, German, and French taught by certified world language instructors. Weekly music, art, chapel, and physical education courses are also part of the instructional objectives for this grade.


Athletic Opportunities for First Graders

Developing a sense of wonder and learning inside the classroom is essential to your child’s education. However, first grade at Plymouth Christian Academy also allows children to develop their character through athletics.

At PCA, students learn how to participate as part of a team and build their God-given physical skills for health, fun, and service. Students in grades one through six can participate in the PCA Olympic Track & Field Day in the spring. During the event, sixth-grade captains will lead teams in friendly competitions that end with a congratulatory ceremony.

We also invite first-grade students to join the PCA Walking Club. In the fall and spring, students will develop life-long physical fitness skills by walking laps during recess. 


First Grade Fine Arts Opportunities

At Plymouth Christian Academy, we help children use their interests and skills in the fine arts to express God’s love to cultures worldwide. Our instructors help young children develop their creative gifts through individual and group lessons. 

With a devotion to creative self-expression and a foundation in service to Christ, children can communicate their understanding of Jesus Christ while building respect for themselves and others. First graders can explore several fine arts avenues at our institution, including K-6 strings, piano, and the elementary choir. 


First Grade Trips & Experiences

Learning at PCA is not limited to the classroom. Our school can provide students with abundant experiences and trips to help them become well-rounded individuals with a robust worldview, a solid foundation in Christ, and unmeasurable compassion for others. 

Every Plymouth Christian Academy event serves a purpose toward the growth and development of our students. Children who are with us from preschool until sixth grade can expect to participate in about 46 field experiences in addition to everything PCA has to offer academically.

In first grade, your child will have the opportunity to participate in these trips:

  • Detroit Zoo: As one a home to over 2,400 animals on 125 acres, the Detroit Zoo helps children develop a greater understanding of science, animals, and habitats.
  • Imagination Station: This 10,000 sq. ft. playground includes hands-on attractions that encourage learning in science, mathematics, and technology.
  • Greenfield Village, Miller One-Room Schoolhouse: Students will have an immersive experience about America’s history, aiding them in their social studies.


Plymouth Christian Academy | Learn More About First Grade

If you’re searching for “private K-12 schools near me” for your young child, look no further than Plymouth Christian Academy. As one of the best private schools in Michigan, our educators are committed to providing a well-rounded educational experience for children starting from a young age. 

Beginning in first grade at Plymouth Christian Academy, children will receive the tools they need to achieve excellence in academics, athletics, fine arts, and more while learning about Christ and service. Inquire here to learn more. 


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