The Importance of Reading With Your Child

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A Woman Reading To A Child | Importance of Reading With Your Child

Why Make Reading a Habit

Reading is critical for a child to have a successful school, work, and spiritual life. Teaching a child to read and cultivate a love of the written word involves more than standard classroom instruction. Books in and out of the classroom stimulate creativity, analytical abilities, and mental recall. 

At Plymouth Christian Academy in Canton, Michigan, our staff understands the importance of reading with your child at home and school. As a top Christian preschool, elementary, middle, and high school, we create a compelling atmosphere conducive to wholesome learning experiences.


Read Different Types of Books

Though not all reading materials are appropriate for young, Christian minds, it’s imperative to encourage your child to read more than one type of book. Reading offers many mental and emotional benefits, such as: 

  • Developing and improving critical thinking skills
  • Stimulating imagination and creativity
  • Enhancing communication and visual skills 

However, reading one genre can limit their imagination and skill development. Explore various genres like Christian-based fiction, illustrated books, fairy tales, and more when reading with your child. Introducing them to new subjects and styles not only helps them think outside the box but may also pique new interests.

Encourage Your Child To Read Independently

As a parent to a young child, you’ll likely spend quality time reading to them. While they’re young, reading with your child is an excellent way to lay a foundation for understanding the written word and listening skills, which is why the PCA preschool and begindergarten teachers read aloud in class. 

However, independent reading is also vital to our students’ success. When children read on their own, they develop stronger reading and comprehension skills. Their excitement levels also increase, and they’re more likely to share the things they learn from books.

Model Good Reading Habits By Reading Yourself

It’s not always enough to verbally encourage your child to read independently. Though the staff at PCA strive to be nurturing role models with Christ-like values and character traits, parents are their children’s first role models. They mimic the things you do. 

If you desire your child to have an exciting love of reading in addition to a thriving educational and spiritual life, it helps to lead by example. Let your child see you reading the Bible and other books you love. It also helps to read in public spaces to show your child that there’s no shame in wholesome and informative books.

Create an Environment That Is Conducive To Reading

At PCA, our teachers keep a variety of Christian-based and educational reading materials on hand. For instance, preschoolers may have access to rhyming and illustrated books, while elementary-age children can read age-appropriate fiction and nonfiction. 

Ensuring that your home has various reading options will foster your child’s love of the written word. You can add books next to their favorite seat on the sofa or pile them on easily accessible shelves for your child to grab at their leisure. It will also help to ensure that their reading areas have good lighting and books with topics they enjoy.

Get Rid of Distractions

Unfortunately, it’s easy for distractions to draw your child’s attention away from wholesome books and enthusiastic reading. Help your child embrace books by removing anything that could be distracting, such as loud noises and toys. 

Televisions, tablets, computers, smartphones, and video game consoles may be entertaining and occasionally educational, but they can detract from books. Consider limiting your child’s screen time to encourage them to read. You may invest in e-books as a compromise for your child to read using technology.

Michigan Christian Private Schools | Plymouth Christian Academy

If you’re searching online for “Christian schools near me” that place a high reverence on reading, learning, and Christian spirituality, look no further than Plymouth Christian Academy. Our caring and faith-filled educators know the importance of reading with your child in school and at home. We’ll help them develop a love for learning that will follow them into adulthood. 

As the best school in Wayne County, Michigan, for preschool through 12th grade, we blend academic excellence, family, and faith-based teachings to instill a love of learning and Christian values in children. Please contact us today to learn about our variable Plymouth Christian Academy tuition.


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