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Eagle News March 22-26, 2021

By: Dan Hammar|Date: Mar 20, 2021|Tags: Uncategorized

Dear PCA Family, 
Every five years, Plymouth Christian Academy goes through a rigorous re-accreditation process with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and Cognia (Formerly AdvancEd). We welcome this process as we seek to continuously improve our school and strive for excellence in all areas. According to ACSI, their “internationally recognized accreditation program is thought-provoking in its approach, stimulating in its methods, and efficient in its procedures.”
Plymouth Christian has proudly carried the ACSI accreditation seal since 1988. The “accredited” seal denotes a school that has met institutional standards of quality over long periods. Part of the process to always improve and continually accomplish incremental and strategic advancements, is our school’s Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP). The CSIP is a set of goals that reflect the work of the school’s self study since the last accreditation cycle. Our commitment to always be better, perform at higher levels, and see spiritual growth in students, involves everyone at PCA. Through formal meetings, focus groups, coffees and conversations, parent meetings and more, we collectively partner together in this process of growth and accountability.
Despite the challenges of the pandemic, we have remained steadfast and resilient in identifying our continuous improvement plan over the next five years as seen below.
  1. Instructional Innovation – Cultivate a culture of excellence in instructional innovation that produces lifelong learners with a Christian worldview.
  2. Enhance the Facilities – To ensure and enhance an optimal learning environment for all, we propose the renovation of current facilities, construction of new classrooms and the building of new, innovative facilities to support dynamic curricular and co-curricular programs.
  3. Spiritual Formation – Cultivate a strong spiritual formation climate and provide a firm Gospel footing for lifelong discipleship.
  4. Quality Teachers – Recruit and retain caring, committed and highly qualified faculty and staff who mentor lead, and deliver content from a biblical worldview.
The real blessing is that Plymouth Christian students are the ultimate beneficiaries of the accreditation process. When the entire school is aligned and focused on a shared vision for student learning, students win. They benefit from the school’s consistent focus on expected student outcomes as they move through their PCA years.
We remain committed to being better today than they were yesterday and we do this “For Him”! We invite you to pray with us as we endeavor to fulfill our mission to raise up the next generation of leaders for Christ!
Educating for Eternity,
Mrs. Caryn Huntsman, Superintendent


PCA Family Spotlight
We wanted to take a moment and spotlight two of our amazing Secondary Teachers here at PCA, the Webers. Todd is our 7th grade Middle School Bible Teacher and is also the Pastor or Briarwood Baptist Church. Jaclynn joined the PCA faculty in 2019 and teaches Secondary English, American Literature and Speech & Debate. They have four children who attend PCA- Lyndsay (10th), Ray (9th), Lexy (7th) and Jayke (3rd). All four children are active in their church and active here at our beloved school.
When we asked Jaclynn what she enjoyed about being here at PCA, she mentioned that she loves the students and the opportunity to talk about the Lord with them.
This very giving family has been a blessing to our staff and student community and we are thankful that God led them here.
Featuring Fine Arts
Elementary Spring Concert
We are so looking forward to our spring concert “Godsquad.”  The sixth graders have been working to prepare the play and all of the elementary students have been learning great songs that point us to the truth of God’s Word.  Although the exact date for filming has not yet been decided, please note what the students will be wearing.
All students from Begindergarten through the sixth grade will be asked to wear a short-sleeved dress code shirt (Begindergarteners will wear a plain shirt, short-sleeved) in a spring color (white, yellow, light blue, bright blue, pink, light green, lime green, tan, etc) and khaki colored pants with dark socks.  This is for the singing portion of the concert.  The sixth grade will have special outfits for filming the acting portion of the concert.
Fearless and bold, this musical highlights the full Armor of God, with lyrics that we pray will instill, deep in the hearts of your kids, the meaning and profound truth of Ephesians 6:10-17.
Phantom of the Opera
Tickets for the Phantom of the Opera go live soon. Mark your calendar for March 26th! Ticketing is limited and we look forward to seeing you all there.
A few things to note:
  • Seating will be divided by General and Student/Senior pricing. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic we will not be offering VIP seating. Instead, we will do our best to accommodate all parents as we can. We understand how important this show is for so many of you and we promise to do our very best in seating assignments.
  • Seating assignment information will not be available until the night of due to ticket sales. You will be ushered to your seat after health screenings.
  • Masks are required. Anyone refusing to wear a mask, wearing a mask below their nose, or wearing a mask on their chin, will be asked to leave promptly.
  • There will be a list of protocols and procedures emailed to all ticket holders and posted around the narthex/auditorium. Anyone refusing to follow protocols will be asked to leave promptly.
  • Ticketing is VERY limited. 200 tickets can be purchased for each event. This will allow adequate distancing for families and friends.
We will be offering the following dates:
Thursday, April 22nd at 7 PM – Performance; Friday, April 23rd at 7 PM – Performance;
Saturday, April 24th at 2 PM – Performance
– AND –
Friday, April 30th at 7 PM – Performance; Saturday, May 1 at 2 PM – Performance
You can access tickets here:
This week, PCA’s Middle School welcomed Pastor Ian Nieh! As you can see, he’s full of energy and ready to share God’s Word.
Ian shared with our students that surrendering to God is showing complete faith in Him and belief in His promises. Just like a child, we can walk in freedom from worries when we choose to trust God for everything. If we can trust God for our salvation through Jesus Christ, we can trust Him and live an “all-in” life for God!
P.S. Ian LOVES pizza rolls! Click here to enjoy the Middle School Chapel:
Student Ministries Director, Grace Canton Church, Pastor Ian Nieh
~Written by a PCA Parent
For over 20 years, Mrs. Larabee has been serving the students and families at Plymouth Christian Academy. Everywhere you look on campus, whether it is beautiful sign on the building or parking lot, a PCA marketing decal on a car, a mug a teacher is using to enjoy her morning or afternoon coffee, and in the eyes of each PCA student, she has left an imprint and a legacy.
Her love and passion for PCA is so evident through everything she has touched in her many years of service, including the lives of the staff and students. Mrs. Beth Larabee began her career at PCA teaching 5th grade. She also taught 2nd and 6th grades. Because of her incredible giftedness in so many areas, she then moved into new Administrative roles evolving into Elementary Chapel Coordinator, Elementary and Middle School Event Coordinator, Director of Marketing and Advancement, and Accreditation Director. She has impacted many students in enormous ways through her creative Chapel lessons, SLR Discipleship training, various Bible studies and prayer groups. She has loved on the staff through her amazing love of hospitality and fine attention to details. She has taught students about whole-hearted service to the Lord through the annual Project SHINE event. She has formed lifelong relationships with many loving and generous school donors and alumni, and through those relationships, led many efforts to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for our school. She has led students on class trips that will be remembered and cherished for a lifetime. Her God-given gifts of teaching, encouragement, organization, hospitality, creativity, and service have tremendously impacted the success of the entire school. To know her is to know PCA!
Plymouth Christian Academy will be grieving the loss of our incredible friend, Beth Larabee, but we know that God will continue to use her in amazing ways and that His plan is always for good. Her desire is for PCA to continue to thrive as we continue to educate students and equip them for a lifetime of learning, leadership and service.
Thank you for your legacy, Mrs. Larabee! We love you!!
Men’s Prayer Breakfast
Coffee cup and coffee beans on table
“For where two or three come together in my name, there I am among them.” (Matthew 18:20).
Please join us on Fridays; iHop Restaurant Conference Room (Sheldon Road between Warren & Ford), 7:30-8:30am. Dates: 4/16, 5/14, 6/4
Kroger Community Rewards
Are you a Kroger shopper? Did you know you can name PCA as the recipient for Kroger Community Awards, earning money for our school each time you shop?
It’s easy and no cost to you. Simply go to, and sign in with your Frequent Shopper card number. Then, under “my account,” select Community Rewards, and choose Plymouth Christian Academy (organization # PJ183). Thank you for your support!
Shop with SCRIP and Save
SCRIP is a fund-raising tool for schools, but PCA is unique in that we apply any rebates you earn directly against your tuition account. It’s a great way to fundraise for your own tuition account!
Simply sign up with SCRIP using our school enrollment code. Contact Laura Imlach for details: or 734-459-3505 x3156.
Tuition Update
Just a reminder that, under our new Continuous Enrollment program, your child’s enrollment for next year is guaranteed! Please see the information for Continuous Enrollment below. If your plans have changed, you must fill out an Intent to Withdraw form before April 30, 2021, or you will be responsible for 10% of tuition.
The tuition rates for 2021-22 have been approved by the Board of Regents and Board of Trustees. For the second year in a row, tuition is the same for grades preschool through 6th grade. For grades 7-12, there was a 3% increase for tuition. We continue to thank the Lord for His faithfulness in provision for our families! Remember, current families are eligible for Variable Tuition by filling out the Variable Tuition application (found in your FACTS account or on our website) before April 17, 2021.
Tuition agreements for 2021-22 will be sent the first week of April. If you have questions about Variable Tuition, or would like to change your tuition payment plan for the 2021-22 school year, please be sure to contact the Tuition Office (Laura Imlach): or 734-459-3505 x 3156.
Q: How does Continuous Enrollment work?
A: You will be part of the PCA community unless you tell us otherwise, and your child’s spot in their class will be secure until graduation.
Q: What if things change for our family?
A: You will have until April 30th to fill out the Intent to Withdraw form, simply notifying the school and face absolutely no penalty. The form is found on our website under Parent Resources (other forms).
Q: Are there any deadlines to be aware of?
A: Families will be responsible for 10% of tuition after the April 30th deadline. For major life changes/unique circumstances resulting in withdrawal after the deadline, Superintendent and Regent Board approval is required to waive the 10% tuition fee.
We work hard to plan and prepare for students to return each year and we want to invest these tuition dollars wisely so we can provide the quality Christ-centered education you have come to know and love at PCA. We know you’ll appreciate the simple process Continuous Enrollment provides.
For questions about Continuous Enrollment, please connect with Leanne Windle ( or 734-459-3505×3190)
PCA Cheer took 3rd place at districts tonight, held at Whitmore Lake.
They advance on to regionals Wednesday, March 24 at 5:00 pm at Mason High School. They scored the highest overall score, 674.4, in PCA cheer history.
This month has been a busy one in the high school’s science department. The Biology classes isolated DNA from strawberries. The AP Biology class genetically engineered a strain of E. coli bacteria, by introducing a plasmid that carries an ampicillin resistance marker and the Green Fluorescent protein (GFP) from Jellyfish.
Now these bacteria can glow under blacklight. The Chemistry classes have been studying changing states of matter and made ice cream using ice and salt and milk. The anatomy classes have been studying heart anatomy. The Forensic Science class has been chemically enhancing latent fingerprints using ninhydrin. and using alternate lighting techniques to find, then analyze hair and fiber evidence. The physics class has employed differences in air pressure and vacuum to accelerate a ping pong ball to the speed of sound.
We feel blessed to have our students in school to enjoy these hands-on activities on a daily basis.
From the Desk of Mrs. Dana Zambeck, Guidance Counselor
Scheduling Classes for Next Year
Scheduling for the 2021-22 school year has begun! Information about selecting classes was distributed by Mrs. Zambeck in English classes this week. Students are asked to complete the worksheet and turn in to Mrs. Zambeck by Monday, March 22nd. Don’t forget to submit them in your student portal also! In the student portal, select “Course Requests” on the top toolbar. On the next page, click on the link “Secondary Course Selection 2021-22”. Select your 8 class choices (2 elective choices for middle school students), then don’t forget to hit “submit” at the bottom of the page. That deadline is March 22nd also. Please contact Mrs. Zambeck with any questions!
Calling all Juniors!
Have you registered for a spring ACT test yet? PCA is a national test center for the ACT. We will be hosting the ACT on April 17 (March 12 registration deadline) and June 12 (May 7 registration deadline). interested in taking the ACT need to register online at and request PCA as your testing location. The earlier you register for the test, the more likely you will get your first choice of testing center. See Mrs. Zambeck if you have questions.,
Generation of Technology Series
As a Millennial, I’ve grown up with technology by my side. Yes, I still remember dial-up. Yes, I used to have an AIM account. Yes, I remember the days that MySpace and Yahoo were popular. But even with all of the technology I did have, there was a lot I didn’t have. I didn’t get my first laptop until I went to college, and I wasn’t even allowed to get a cell phone until I could fork out the money at 17 and pay my own bill. But times have changed. Now, kids are clutching their smartphones, practically out of the womb. And we’re trying to keep up with all the changes. (And, yes, most Millennials are bested by Gen Z when it comes to innate tech familiarity). But let’s not get overwhelmed by all the new. Although there will always be more to learn about the ever-expanding world-wide web, we have to start somewhere.
So let’s start with apps for smartphones, and some of the most popular ones kids are into today.
What is an app?
Well, “app” is actually short for “application.” When software applications found their way to mobile devices, the name was shortened. And, really, it’s just software that’s written and customized for your phone, tablet and other electronic devices. I like to think of an app as a mini-version of something bigger—just as Facebook has a web page, it also has a “mini” version of its site, or an app, that you can download to your electronic device.
How do I get an app?
Some apps, on both Android and iOS devices, come pre-installed. But you can still download other apps in addition to the preexisting ones. For iPhones, you can find any app you’d like in the App Store. Once you open up the App Store, go to the search bar and type in the name of the app you’d like. The app will pop up and you can click “get” (which indicates that the app is free), or the app will have a price that you must click to buy and then download. For Android devices, users tap the Google Play Store app. Once opened, you can search and browse for content to download. Just like the apps on the iPhone, there are some for Android that are free and others that you must purchase.
How many apps are there?
The sheer volume of apps out there can be overwhelming. It’s estimated that there are more than 2 billion apps available for download on Android devices, and on iOS devices there are nearly the same amount. That’s A LOT. A lot of information. A lot of unknowns. There’s no way we could take the time to talk about all the apps, but we can talk about some.
Tune in next week for more!
Thank you so much to those of you who have responded with donations to the PCA Fine Arts Patron Program.
Your support ensures that we can continue to provide quality fine arts programs to students at Plymouth Christian.
It is not too late to donate! Please see click on the “Become A Fine Arts Patron TODAY!” button at the right to visit out website.
Platinum Patron; Alicia Allen, Martha Koppin
Silver Patron; Lyndy McGregor, Nicole Shelton, Gina and Brian Zasadny
,Bronze Patron: Dwayne Barker, Christophe Buchler, Robin and Jeff McHugh, Robert Dotson
Purple Patron; Rodney and Kara Corwin, Keri Mueller
CONGRATULATIONS TO VARSITY BOYS BASKETBALL ON WINNING THE MIAC CHAMPIONSHIP –  BLUE DIVISION THIS SEASON! This is the first time our boys basketball team has been the MIAC upper division basketball champs!   WAY TO GO, EAGLES!!
CONGRATULATIONS TO VARSITY GIRLS COMPETITIVE CHEER FOR QUALIFYING TO COMPETE IN THE MHSAA REGIONAL NEXT WEDNESDAY, MAR. 24TH, at 5:00 pm at Mason HS, 1001 S. Barnes St., Mason, 48854.  If the girls qualify for the State finals, they will compete on Saturday, Mar. 27th, at 3:00 pm at the Breslin Center in East Lansing.  GO EAGLES!!
THE VARSITY GIRLS BASKETBALL MHSAA DISTRICT TOURNAMENT IS WEDNESDAY, MAR. 24TH. The girls will be playing in the District final game against the Inter-City Baptist Chargers at 7:00 pm at Inter-City Baptist HS, 4700 Allen Rd., Allen Park, 48101. If the girls win the District final, they move on to a Regional semi-final game on Monday, Mar. 29th, at 7:00 pm at Summerfield HS, Petersburg.
THE VARSITY BOYS BASKETBALL MHSAA DISTRICT TOURNAMENT IS THURSDAY, MAR. 25TH. Their opponent will be the Huron Valley Hawks in the District final game at 6:00 pm at Huron Valley Lutheran HS, 33740 Cowan Rd, Westland, 48185. With a District final win, our guys continue in the post-season to a Regional semi-final game on Tuesday, Mar. 30th, at 5:30 pm at Lincoln HS, Ypsilanti.  GO EAGLES!
Games This Week: All games are subject to change at any time.
Friday, Mar. 19th
Varsity Boys Basketball vs. Lansing Christian / Home / 6:00 pm
Varsity Girls Basketball at Lutheran HS Northwest / Away / 6:00 pm
Varsity Boys Bowling Regional at Ten Pin Bowling Alley / Away / 9:30 am
Wednesday, Mar. 24th
Varsity Girls Competitive Cheer – Regional at Mason HS / Away / 5:00 pm
Varsity Girls Basketball – District Final at Inter-City Baptist / Away / 7:00 pm
Thursday, Mar. 25th
Varsity Boys Basketball – District Final at Huron Valley Lutheran / Away / 6:00 pm
Saturday, Mar. 27th
Varsity Competitive Cheer MHSAA State Finals – Breslin Center, 534 Birch Rd, East Lansing, MI 48824
Away / 3:00 pm – Teams TBD
:00 pm
Executive Order 2020-180 specifies that athletes must wear a face covering for all sports practices and contests except for cross country and tennis. This includes all off-season training for baseball and softball as well. If you do not have a mask, you cannot participate. If you are involved in any of our sports and have questions, please contact your coach. Please note that spectators are still limited to two per player for all games at this time. All home games in the Butler Gymnasium will be live-streamed at
Athletic Website & Schedule Alerts
Please follow our athletic website,, where you can view scores, schedules, articles and team/sport-specific updates. Enjoy keeping up on PCA sports! When you are on our PCA Eagles Home Page, be sure to sign up for VNN Alerts for your team. Click on ‘Sign Up For Alerts’ located just above the purple banner on the upper right side of our PCA Eagles home page or click on this link Remember to check your student’s online game schedule frequently as changes often occur during their season.
Physicals & Forms
If you have a student that is interested in participating in a PCA sport, he or she must have a current, MHSAA physical and our Sports Participation form on file in the Athletic Office BEFORE they can participate in tryouts, practices, or games. Forms are online at our school website HERE (scroll to the athletic tab), in the Secondary Office, and Athletic Office. A physical dated April 15, 2020 or after is considered a current physical and is good for the current school year until April 15, 2021. NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, if your student had a current physical for the 2019-20 school year, (dated 04-15-2019 or after) the MHSAA is allowing that physical to be valid for this school year. If this applies to your student, you must complete the 2020-21 MHSAA Sports Health Questionnaire and turn it into the Athletic Dept.
Athletic Team Practice/Game
If the practice or game is not taking place right after school (starting by 3:20pm), students must report to the Study Table room, or be meeting with their teacher, in order to remain on campus. Thank you for your help with this.
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