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Eagle News March 1-5, 2021

By: Dan Hammar|Date: Feb 28, 2021|Tags: Uncategorized


Light In The Middle Of A Storm

As noted in the article below, it has been a year unlike any other and our young people need lots of extra love, patience, encouragement, and hope. Tina Kincer, Elementary Art teacher, facilitated an art project that did just this. This light, in the middle of the picture, represents the light of Christ and in whatever storm we are going through, Christ is there at the center walking with us on the journey. Mrs. Kincer was able to covey this message to our 5th graders as they did this assignment.  This is an example of the hopeful words that we are striving to give our young people.  We want their take-away to be that they are never alone.
The stress, fear, grief, and uncertainty created by COVID-19 pandemic can wear anyone down, but children and teens may have an especially tough time coping emotionally. Check in with your child often and watch and listen for signs they are struggling. How is your child coping during COVID-19? Invite your child to talk about how they are feeling. Feeling depressed, hopeless, anxious, and angry may be signs they could benefit from more support during this difficult time.
Keep in mind that adolescents and young adults may try to hide their struggles because of fear, shame, or a sense of responsibility to avoid burdening others. Younger children may not know how to talk about these feelings but may show changes in their behavior or development. Read more here: Signs Your Children May Need More Support. (American Pediatrics)
For additional support or information on these issues, please feel free to reach out to Sheree Askew, Behavioral Health Coordinator at
We are very grateful for faculty and staff who wrap our students in prayer as they continue to deal with the hardships of the pandemic. As a school family, may we continue asking for God’s continued protection, wisdom and provision as together, we rebound stronger than ever!
Educating for Eternity,
Mrs. Caryn Huntsman, Superintendent


God is definitely on the move and is blessing our school in ways that are hard to describe except to say “Only God…”

We continue to pray for Psalm 127:1;

“Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain.”

We have a tremendous amount of interest in our school, and although we cannot offer an Open House similar to a year ago, we are pleased to welcome a limited number of guests to our campus for a Preview Night.

Please be in prayer for this important evening.

Important Calendar Notice:

  • THIS FRIDAY, March 5 (K-12) will be a FULL DAY OF SCHOOL. Parent-Teacher Conferences (K-12) have been moved to Friday, March 12.
  • On Friday, March 12, conferences will begin in the afternoon (12:00pm-3:00pm). There will be a half day of school that day; (elementary will be dismissed at 11:00am and 7-12th grade will dismiss at 11:10am.) Next week, an email will be sent out with a Sign Up Genius and information on how to do a zoom conference with your students teacher/teachers.
  • Next Wednesday, March 3, our staff will receive their 2nd dose of the vaccine. Due to the unknown nature of how the 2nd vaccine will affect our staff, we are providing an asynchronous day to recover.  There will be no in-person/on-campus schooling on Wednesday, March 3rd and Thursday, March 4th. See additional information below.
  • Classes will be asynchronous on both days for all of our students.
  • Preschool and Begindergarten will follow the schedule sent home to them.
  • Elementary classroom teachers have provided specifics in their weekly newsletters.
  • Secondary teachers will communicate the plan for each class with students and post it in their Google Classrooms.
Please contact the Eagles At Home HOTLINE if you have any questions or are having difficulty with accessing your child’s classroom.

Men’s Prayer Breakfast

Coffee cup and coffee beans on table
“For where two or three come together in my name, there I am among them.” (Matthew 18:20).
Ryan Batson and six other dads from PCA met for breakfast today and were able to pray together and talk about God’s Word as it relates to their faith journey and the journey of our PCA students. They discussed Proverbs 27:27 and Mathew 7:7. The theme of their talk was “Ask, Seek and Knock”.  Our hope is that our students continue to know that God is by their side and wants to hear from them. Please join us on Fridays; iHop Restaurant Conference Room (Sheldon Road between Warren & Ford), 7:30-8:30am. Dates: 3/19, 4/16, 5/14, 6/4

Biblical Justice

This past week, our Spiritual Life Groups revisited Micah 6:8 (PCA’s theme verse for the 20-21 School year) with a focus on BIBLICAL JUSTICE.
We were blessed to hear from Frankie & Kelsey Dame, who are both attorneys here in Michigan with a heart for the Lord. It was an excellent discussion about how justice must start with God and needs to be based on truth. Please listen to what they shared ( to promote healthy discussion with your student(s) this weekend. Next week, we look forward to hearing from Jack Janigian (Youth Pastor at Solid Rock Bible Church) as we continue our mini-series on Biblical Justice.
Shop with SCRIP and Save
SCRIP is a fund-raising tool for schools, but PCA is unique in that we apply any rebates you earn directly against your tuition account. It’s a great way to fundraise for your own tuition account! Simply sign up with SCRIP using our school enrollment code.
Contact Laura Imlach for details: or 734-459-3505 x3156.
Add new colors, fits, and patterns to your wardrobe this spring. Use gift cards to shop trending styles for the whole family and raise money toward your tuition balance – for this year or next!

Please use the Wayne County Health Department’s Screening Tool. You can view these and other documents below.

4.0 Health and Safety Protocols and Reminders

Tuition Update

Just a reminder that, under our new Continuous Enrollment program, your child’s enrollment for next year is guaranteed! Please see the information for Continuous Enrollment below. If your plans have changed, you must fill out an Intent to Withdraw form before April 30, 2021, or you will be responsible for 10% of tuition.
The tuition rates for 2021-22 have been approved by the Board of Regents and Board of Trustees. For the second year in a row, tuition is the same for grades preschool through 6th grade. For grades 7-12, there was a 3% increase for tuition . We continue to thank the Lord for His faithfulness in provision for our families! Remember, current families are eligible for Variable Tuition by filling out the Variable Tuition application (found in your FACTS account or on our website) before April 17, 2021.
Tuition agreements for 2021-22 will be sent the first week of April. If you have questions about Variable Tuition, or would like to change your tuition payment plan for the 2021-22 school year, please be sure to contact the Tuition Office (Laura Imlach): or 734-459-3505 x 3156.


Math Olympics Finalists 2021

Congratulations to our 2021 Math Olympics finalists for 3rd – 8th grade (Middle School listed below). We are excited about the upcoming nationwide testing date on Wednesday, March 10th. We will be competing with several other schools in our district. Final results will be announced by the end of April. Way to go Team PCA!
3rd Grade Computation: Eden Bloom, Joshua The’, David Nichols
3rd Grade Reasoning: Crosby Edwards, Jayke Weber, Sadie Palmby
4th Grade Computation: Juna Lewis, Samantha Ferguson, Benchea Teodor
4th Grade Reasoning: Harrison McGregor, Lacey Edwards, Nathan Evans
5th Grade Computation: Aiden Shook, Joshua Murray, Simon Reed
5th Grade Reasoning: Chloe James, Lia Achunduh, Chloe James
6th Grade Computation: Carter Dattilio, Reagan Schils, Katelyn Hock
6th Grade Reasoning: Vianne Buchler, Audrey Mahan, Ellyanna Blume

Kindergarten Friday Friends:

Kindergarten Friday Friends is an extra day in the week for the Kindergarten curriculum. This optional fifth day provides more hands-on experiences in STEM, art, and music, as well as math and ELA small group learning. Currently about half of the Kindergarten students attend this day. Those that do call this day “Fun Friday” because it is the highlight of their week!
Clouds in a Cup: Friday Friends in KA, KB & KC got together to learn about cloud formation and precipitation! They made clouds in a cup and added food coloring to make them rain!
Habitats: Friday Friends in KA, KB & KC made habitats for animals they made out of model magic!
To celebrate Reading Month in March, we are thrilled to welcome Glenys Nellist as she shares “Twas the Morning of Easter in our March 2nd Elementary Chapel.

Elementary Chapel

We are pleased to welcome Glenys Nellist, beloved author of the bestselling ‘Twas the Evening of Christmas next week! Her new book reveals the joy and beauty of the resurrection of Jesus in a fresh, inspiring way in ‘Twas the Morning of Easter.
‘Twas the Morning of Easter tells the story of the resurrection of Jesus in a fresh way, with a familiar rhythm and rhyme that children will love, following the pattern of Clement Moore’s iconic ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.”
This gorgeous picture book shares the true story of Easter with little ones with read-aloud rhymes and engaging illustrations by Elena Selivanova. With an eye-catching cover decorated in shining foil and embossing, this book is perfect for any Easter basket and sure to be a treasured Easter tradition for years to come.
Every year, Mrs. Parrot always enjoys the reactions of the students with their shrieks of both joy and most likely disgust as they mash the food, mix it with “digestive juices” and learn about God’s design for our bodies. Students at PCA are certainly forming memories that will last a lifetime!

A Favorite 5th Grade Experience in the


You never know what exciting things Mrs. Parrot will plan in order to immerse her students in activities which will get them learning by doing!
These 5th grade students were using a hands-on approach to learn how the digestive system of the body works as food moves from the mouth, to the throat, to the esophagus, through the digestive track and beyond!

K-2 Online Learning Update and Short Term Illness

If your Kindergarten – 2nd Grade student becomes ill and is out for a day or two, we ask that they not join the live stream class. Our teachers will be diligent to prepare their homework, within a 24 hour period, and have it ready for them. Live streaming is provided for students who are enrolled in our Eagles at Home program for the month OR if the student or their class is quarantined for a more extended period. Please contact Mrs. Huntsman if you have any questions ( Thank you!


Rachel Brugger, 12th Grade – Division II Rating
Isaac Cantrell, 12th Grade – Division I Rating
Eve Fair, 12th Grade – Division I Rating
Alexa Grasl, 10th Grade – Division I Rating
Angelina Horrall, 10th Grade – Division II Rating
Lizzie McHugh, 10th Grade – Division II Rating
Tessa Mueller, 10th Grade – Division I Rating
Rachel Paulin, 12th Grade – Division I Rating
Keira Whipple, 10th Grade – Division I Rating
Treble Trio (Keira Whipple, Lizzie McHugh, & Eve Fair) – Division I Rating

Musical Theater Solo & Ensemble 2021 Results!

PCA Vocal Music has been hard at work despite the challenges of the 2020-2021 school year.
The following students performed for adjudication in the MSVMA Musical Theatre Solo & Ensemble. Students prepared two contrasting musical theatre pieces from various periods in musical theatre history.
Overall, PCA students scored very well!
A division I is the highest rating a student can receive and signifies an excellent performance; a division II rating signifies a good performance.


Thank you so much to those of you who have responded with donations to the PCA Fine Arts Patron Program. Your support ensures that we can continue to provide quality fine arts programs to students at Plymouth Christian. It is not too late to donate! Please see the booster page on the PCA website for a donation form.
Thank you to the following Fine Arts Patrons:
Platinum Patron; Alicia Allen
Silver Patron; Lyndy McGregor, Gina and Brian Zsadney
Bronze Patron; Dwayne Barker, Robyn and John McHugh, Robert Dotson
Purple Patron; Rodney and Kara Corwin


Middle School Math Olympics Finalists 2021
Congratulations to our 2021 Math Olympics finalists! We are excited about the upcoming nationwide testing date on Wednesday, March 10th. We will be competing with several other schools in our district. Final results will be announced by the end of April. Way to go Team PCA!
7th Grade Reasoning: Sophia Swanson, Graham Gortney, John Stepanian
7th Grade Computation: Taneesh Sebastian, Liam TenBroeck, Caleb Ferguson
8th Grade Reasoning: Macy Morphew, Ellie Weertz, Katelyn Harris
8th Grade Computation: Reese Edwards, Priscilla Fernandes, DJ DeVore

Real Life Connections

This week, Mrs. Hope’s 7th grade Science class continued their study of electricity by making circuits. They had to make series circuits (one path) with two resistors (bulbs), and parallel circuits (each resistor/bulb has its own path). By manipulating different variables in this investigation, the students had to use critical thinking to decide why different actions brought about a specific result. Adding to the fun, they added in switches, bells, and buzzers! Ultimately, they demonstrated and concluded that a parallel circuit is the best way to wire a home so that every time you turn off a switch or a bulb burns out, the entire house won’t lose electricity. These real-life connections are so vital for our students in becoming critical thinkers!

Changes of State with ICE CREAM!

The 8th grade students pictured here were making ice cream! Mrs. Hope gave students the task to make a successful emulsion (combining different substances – half ‘n half, sugar, vanilla for the base). They put that bag inside another larger bag w/ ice and rock salt on the ice. The salt affects how water freezes and effectively lowers the freezing/melting point of water. Creating a saltwater slush and packing this around the cream base allowed them to cool the base enough so that it started to thicken and freeze before the ice completely melted.  The activity had to do with changes of state (liquid to solid), heat moving from hot to cold and what happens to the particles of a liquid when they lose thermal energy. Of course, the students brought in LOTS of toppings to add to their vanilla ice cream as well! Mrs. Hope shared, “Sorry colleagues, sugar high for grade 8!!

High School Robotics meetings are as follows:

  • All team virtual meeting-Every Monday from 6-7 pm.
  • Business/Safety Team Meetings-Every Monday from 7-7:30 and every Friday from 7-7:30 pm.
  • Mechanical Team-Blended (virtual and in-person by registration)-Every T,TR, and FR from 6-8 pm.
  • Software Team-Blended (virtual and in-person by registration)- Tuesdays are virtual and Thursdays are blended from 6-8 pm.

Generation of Technology Series

Several decades ago, back when there were only three television networks to choose from, an ominously voiced PSA regularly aired just before the late night news and stated, “It’s 10 o’clock. Do you know where your children are?” The implication was that if you didn’t, well, you’d better find them … because they might be somewhere you don’t want them to be. For the average parent, however, that late night exhortation was nearly moot. They knew where their kids were. These days, though, Junior doesn’t have to be out wandering through darkened streets in sketchy neighborhoods to stumble into trouble. He can find it on his smartphone or iPad … while tucked “safely” away in bed. He (or she) can be pummeled by video game violence in the family room, disturbed by midnight texts, accosted by social media trolls and influenced by the flood of non-Christian worldviews in streaming movies and TV shows.
The book of Ephesians tells us of spiritual tools that God designed to help strengthen us in our spiritual struggle “against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of this darkness” (Ephesians 6:12). God equated those tools with armor and weapons that can help us stay upright and protected. Even in this high-tech world, that armor of God is a boon. But, are there any tools we can access for the technical world our kids are a part of to help protect them there, too? Well, yes. Yes there are. Let’s talk about a few.
Internet Filters
The internet is a marvelous invention. It can teach you about art and history, tell you stories of discovery and accomplishment, and whisk you away to gaze at the great wonders of the world. But, let’s face it: The internet can also be a cesspool of unwanted information.. It all depends on how you use it. And unfortunately, curious youngsters don’t always swim through the World Wide Web’s waves with enough care for the sharks in those waters. That’s where an internet filter can become a flotation device, er, shark cage, um, hermetically sealed iron diving suit that young Junior might need.
Internet Filter Features
Web Content Filtering. First and foremost, a filtering program needs to balance holding off objectionable items while welcoming in the sources of wonderment, entertainment and education that you approve of. If the software also gives you a sizable amount of control determining what those good and bad things are, that’s always a plus. In fact, a combination of URL filtering (which identifies objectionable domain names), Keyword filtering (which pinpoints certain words and phrases) and Dynamic Content filtering (which quickly examines a site’s content before displaying it) is a strong choice.
Screen Time Monitoring and Control.
It’s always helpful to know how long the kids are glued to a device’s screen and what sites they’ve been frequenting, and many filtering programs offer this feature. There’s an old Russian proverb (popularized, ironically, by Ronald Reagan in the 1980s) that wisely instructs, “Trust but verify.” And that certainly works for good parenting, too. You can trust the software and you can trust Junior, but keeping tabs on both will serve you well. Another benefit with this sort of monitoring and control is the ability to limit the amount of time that devices can be used and determine when everything should be set to go dark. It’s way too easy for the night hours to slip away when you’re surfing the internet or checking your social media page of choice. And a late-night text can spoil a good rest. So turn it off.
Tune in next week for more!


Amazing!  This week, we received 18 new applications for the 2021-22 school year! We are just overwhelmed with gratitude to God for His blessing on our school. Thank YOU for continuing to spread the word about the difference PCA makes in partnering with parents for a Christ-centered, biblically-based education. Please continue to give us great reviews on Niche, Private School Review, Great Schools, and our website. If you would be willing to give a testimony on the impact of PCA for your family, please let me know! We would love to highlight you in our social media platforms. As always, we are seeking the Lord every step of the way! Continue to pray for us as we meet with potential families! We want to be a school that honors the Lord in every way!
Continuous Enrollment
Continuous Enrollment has been going well, but it is clear that there are still many questions. Let us simplify it for you: Your child’s place has already been reserved for the 2021-22 school year! Even with all the applications rolling in, your spot is secure. If your plans have changed, you must fill out an Intent to Withdraw form before April 30, 2021, or you will be responsible for 10% of tuition. We love our students and we want to see each one cross the stage at the end of their Senior Year to receive their PCA diploma! Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle is more than a catchy slogan — it is a relationship we hope lasts a lifetime because PCA is family!
Q: How does Continuous Enrollment work?
A: You will be part of the PCA community unless you tell us otherwise, and your child’s spot in their class will be secure until graduation.
Q: What if things change for our family?
A: You will have until April 30th to fill out the Intent to Withdraw form, simply notifying the school and face absolutely no penalty. The form is found on our website under Parent Resources (other forms).
Q: Are there any deadlines to be aware of?
A: Families will be responsible for 10% of tuition after the April 30th deadline. For major life changes/unique circumstances resulting in withdrawal after the deadline, Superintendent and Regent Board approval is required to waive the 10% tuition fee.
We work hard to plan and prepare for students to return each year and we want to invest these tuition dollars wisely so we can provide the quality Christ-centered education you have come to know and love at PCA. We know you’ll appreciate the simple process Continuous Enrollment provides.
For questions about Continuous Enrollment, please connect with Leanne Windle ( or 734-459-3505×3190)


Games This Week: Note: All games are subject to change at any time.

Friday, Feb. 26th
JV & Varsity Boys Basketball vs. Inter-City Baptist / Home / 4:00 & 7:00 pm
Varsity Girls Basketball vs. Inter-City Baptist / Home / 5:30 pm
Varsity Boys Bowling vs. Whitmore Lake at Super Bowl Lanes / Home / 3:00 pm
FR Boys Basketball at Detroit Catholic Central-Novi / Away / 5:00 pm
7th & 8th Boys Basketball at Inter-City Baptist / Away / 5:30 & 6:30 pm
5th/6th Boys Basketball at Inter-City Baptist / Away / 4:30 pm
Saturday, Feb. 27th
Varsity Girls Competitive Cheer at Canton HS Invitational / Away / 12:00 pm
Monday, Mar. 1st
JV & Varsity Boys Basketball at Clarenceville HS / Away / 5:30 & 7:00 pm
Varsity Boys Bowling at Notre Dame Prep – Avon Lanes / Away / 3:30 pm
FR Boys Basketball at Oakland Christian / Away / 6:00 pm
8th Boys Basketball at Novi Christian / Away / 5:30 pm
5th/6th Boys Basketball at Novi Christian / Away / 4:30 pm
Tuesday, Mar. 2nd
JV & Varsity Boys Basketball at Lutheran HS Westland / Away / 5:30 & 5:30 pm
Varsity Boys Bowling at Clarenceville HS – Merri-Bowl Lanes / Away / 3:30 pm
Varsity Girls Basketball vs. Opponent TBD / Home / 6:00 pm
8th Boys Basketball vs. Northville Christian / Home / 4:30 pm
7th Boys Basketball vs. Novi Christian / Home / 5:30 pm
5th/6th Boys Basketball vs. Novi Christian / Home / 4:30 pm
Friday, Mar. 5th
JV & Varsity Boys Basketball vs. Advanced Technology Academy / Home / 5:30 & 7:00 pm
Varsity Girls Basketball vs. Oakland Christian / Home / 8:30 pm
Varsity Girls Competitive Cheer-MIAC Jamboree # 3 at Whitmore Lake HS / Away / 6:00 pm
Saturday, Mar. 6th
Varsity Girls Basketball at Southfield Christian / Away / 11:00 am
:00 pm
Executive Order 2020-180 specifies that athletes must wear a face covering for all sports practices and contests except for cross country and tennis. This includes all off-season training for baseball and softball as well. If you do not have a mask, you cannot participate. If you are involved in any of our sports and have questions, please contact your coach. Please note that spectators are still limited to two per player for all games at this time. All home games in the Butler Gymnasium will be live-streamed at
Athletic Website & Schedule Alerts
Please follow our athletic website,, where you can view scores, schedules, articles and team/sport-specific updates. Enjoy keeping up on PCA sports! When you are on our PCA Eagles Home Page, be sure to sign up for VNN Alerts for your team. Click on ‘Sign Up For Alerts’ located just above the purple banner on the upper right side of our PCA Eagles home page or click on this link Remember to check your student’s online game schedule frequently as changes often occur during their season.
Physicals & Forms
If you have a student that is interested in participating in a PCA sport, he or she must have a current, MHSAA physical and our Sports Participation form on file in the Athletic Office BEFORE they can participate in tryouts, practices, or games. Forms are online at our school website HERE (scroll to the athletic tab), in the Secondary Office, and Athletic Office. A physical dated April 15, 2020 or after is considered a current physical and is good for the current school year until April 15, 2021. NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, if your student had a current physical for the 2019-20 school year, (dated 04-15-2019 or after) the MHSAA is allowing that physical to be valid for this school year. If this applies to your student, you must complete the 2020-21 MHSAA Sports Health Questionnaire and turn it into the Athletic Dept.
Athletic Team Practice/Game
If the practice or game is not taking place right after school (starting by 3:20pm), students must report to the Study Table room, or be meeting with their teacher, in order to remain on campus. Thank you for your help with this.

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