How To Choose A College For Your Student

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Finding The Right College

When the time comes for your child to take the next step on their educational journey and move from their Michigan private school to a university, it can be challenging to know all the proper steps to get them there.

Many parents, guardians, and students have difficulty finding a school that perfectly matches their needs and values. Unfortunately, this can leave families feeling unsure when applying to universities. But if you’re wondering about how to choose a college for your student, you can follow these steps to make the process easier.

Several factors will play a role in a student’s fit with a college, such as financing, location, and academic requirements. However, by evaluating your student’s values and what your family would feel comfortable with, you will be able to find the perfect school without compromise. Plymouth Christian Academy is here to help with the process.


Research The Location

A primary factor many people consider when looking at colleges is the school’s location. Many students prioritize in-state universities for proximity to family and friends and familiarity with the area. However, that factor should not be the only consideration when evaluating a college’s location.

When helping your student find the ideal college, it is essential to consider a variety of other location-based aspects. For example, the ease of commuting to classes and the safety of campus and surrounding areas are different from college to college.

Along with proximity to home, those additional factors could play a role in determining how comfortable your student feels while attending the university.

Understand The Requirements

In an ideal world, your student would be able to apply and get accepted to any college they want. However, some universities have strict acceptance guidelines, making it challenging for students without spotless academic resumes to get in.

With that in mind, you must understand the acceptance rates of all the universities you’re looking at before narrowing down the list of potential schools. Many community colleges and local universities will not require much from their new students, but other more prestigious universities will take a deep look into a student’s secondary school career.

Having a stellar grade point average often represents just one element needed to get accepted into renowned universities. In addition, some will want to know about standardized test scores, involvement with academic clubs, and work outside of schooling.

Understanding what each college you research wants and how those requirements relate to your student can make finding the right school easier.

Understand The Costs

Applying to college can be an expensive endeavor regardless of the schools you’re looking at, but not every college will cost the same.

It is essential to be familiar with what each university will charge per year, how long your student plans on attending, and how much financial aid you will need to pay off your college dues comfortably.

It is vital to know how much money you will need to afford classes. Tuition is typically cheaper at community colleges and in-state schools, making them ideal options for families who might struggle to afford exorbitant tuition costs.

Look For Scholarships

If tuition cost is a concern, many students lighten the burden by applying for scholarships.

A scholarship grants a financial award to students for a variety of criteria. For example, some students receive scholarships for academic prowess, while others receive scholarships for university athletic contributions.

Most schools offer scholarships, and often, those scholarships can apply directly to the strengths and skill sets of students with particular interests. Your student is unique, and searching for financial awards given by certain universities based on their talents could help you decide on the perfect college.

Plymouth Christian Academy | Michigan K-12 Private School

For parents of Plymouth Christian Academy students concerned about the next educational steps for their child, our advancement team is here to help.

Our academic advisors can help you and your student look into schools that fit with our spiritually minded and academically grounded ideals and your family values. 

If you’re wondering about how to choose a college for your student, Plymouth Christian Academy in Canton, MI, can help you make a decision.


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