Regent Board | Plymouth Christian Academy

The Regent Board at Plymouth Christian Academy has the responsibility and authority for the establishment, function, and maintenance of PCA’s programs and fiscal matters. They are guided by the Deacon Board of Calvary Baptist Church as they establish formal policies for the well-being of PCA.

The Regent Board at PCA is comprised of mature Christians, two-thirds of which are Calvary Baptist Church members and one-third who attend other churches. Each Regent Board member has a passion for the mission of Plymouth Christian Academy and is dedicated to their service to PCA for God’s glory.

Regents are not involved in the day-to-day activities of the school but instead are charged with ensuring that the PCA Superintendent is delivering on Regent Board expectations while remaining compliant with Regent Board policies.

Each year, the Regent Board reviews and updates a rolling 5-year strategic plan that we refer to as the PCA “20:20 Vision” (at present it encompasses key strategies for the 5-year timeframe for school years starting 2017-2021).

Meet The Regent Board

Ashea Tuggle
Regent Board Member

Ashea, her husband, Lanier, along with their two daughters have been members of Calvary Baptist for over six years. The family works in several ministries within the church but their proudest accomplishment to date is working as a family unit, sharing the love of Christ within ABC’s in the D working with Calvary alongside Central Detroit Christian. They love how Christian education has partnered with their family and affirms their teachings at home as well as at church.

Although Ashea was raised in Acworth, GA she went back to her hometown of South Bend, IN where she earned a BA in Mgmt. Information Systems from the University of Notre Dame. Information Technology is where Ashea has spent most of her career but within the last several years has been working in Global Business as a Project Manager for General Motors.

Tom Burger
Regent Board Member

Tom was born and raised in western Pennsylvania. After earning a BS in mechanical engineering from Penn State, he moved to southeast Michigan to work for Ford. He currently works at FCA as a drivability and emissions control software calibrator.

Tom and his wife Leah strongly believe in the importance of Christian education. They have always sent their three children to Christian schools, and they moved to Canton in 2014 specifically to enroll them at PCA. They began attending Calvary about a year later and soon became members. This is Tom’s first year on the Regent Board.