Meet The Elementary Faculty

Heidi Moore | Sixth Grade Teacher | 6th Grade Teacher | Elementary Faculty Plymouth Christian Academy
Heidi Moore
Sixth Grade Teacher

Mrs. Moore has been a member of the PCA faculty since 2001. In addition to 6th grade, Mrs. Moore has also taught 2nd and 4th grade at PCA. She and her husband Robert have three children who have attended PCA since preschool.

  • BA-Elementary Education, Point Loma Nazarene University
Sherry Parrott
Elementary STEM Lab Teacher

Mrs. Parrott joined the PCA faculty in 2018. She is also the full-time Director of Children’s Ministry at Compass Christian Church in Livonia.

  • BA in Biblical Literature, Ozark Christian College
  • BA in Theology, Ozark Christian College
  • MA in Religious Education, Cincinnati Bible Seminary
  • MA in Practical Ministries, Cincinnati Bible Seminary
Jasmine Paul
Third Grade Teacher

Mrs. Paul joined the PCA faculty in 2018. She is a PCA Class of 2013 graduate.

  • BA in Elementary Education focusing on Mathematics, Madonna University
Alexandria Phillips
1st Grade Teacher
Lauren Tharp
5th Grade Teacher