The Regent Board has the responsibility and authority for the establishment, function, and maintenance of Plymouth Christian Academy’s programs and fiscal matters. They are guided by the Deacon Board of Calvary Baptist Church as they establish formal policies for the well-being of PCA. The Regent Board is comprised of mature Christians, two-thirds of which are Calvary Baptist Church members and one-third who attend other churches. Each Regent Board member has a passion for the mission of Plymouth Christian Academy and is dedicated to their service to PCA for God’s glory. If you would like to share a comment or concern with the Regent Board, please feel free to email them at

Regents are not involved in the day-to-day activities of the school but instead are charged with ensuring that the PCA Superintendent is delivering on Regent Board expectations while remaining compliant with Regent Board policies. Each year, the Regent Board reviews and updates a rolling 5-year strategic plan that we refer to as the PCA “20:20 Vision” (at present it encompasses key strategies for the 5-year timeframe for school years starting 2017-2021). The updated 20:20 Vision, with newly-added items appearing in italicized font can be found by clicking HERE.

Meet the Regent Board

PCA Paul Ellinger
Paul EllingerRegent Co-Chair
CBC Elder Board Representative

Paul is a 1987 graduate of Lake Superior State University with majors in Mathematics and Computer Science and one class shy of a minor in Child Development. He worked in management for years at Allstate in claims and also as a Territorial Underwriting Manager. Additionally, he has set rates for the insurance industry and insurance companies alike and has copyrighted and patent pending submissions to his credit. Paul has been married to Amy since 1991 and they enjoy their two sons (Jackson and Parker) both of whom attend PCA. Paul enjoys sports, public speaking, acting and singing (especially in the a cappella style). On the weekends, Paul is a highly sought after vocal coach and public speaker and is hired to fly all over North America about 40 out of 52 weekends a year being hired by singers/groups to help them achieve higher levels of singing, enjoyment, audience involvement and growth of non-profit organizations. Paul has been a Christian since being saved at Dorr Baptist Church (Dorr, Michigan) in 1976 at the age of 11 and has been following The One ever since.

PCA Joyce Zandee
Joyce ZandeeRegent Co-Chair

Joyce Zandee has an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Hope College and an MS in Biostatistics from University of Michigan. She is Partner and Chief Operating Officer at INDS, Inc. which provides toxicology and IT consulting services to clients in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Joyce and her husband, Jim, have a son, Matt, and a daughter, Rachel, both of whom attended and graduated from Plymouth Christian Academy. Joyce is passionate about preparing students to be the leaders of tomorrow in whatever capacity God calls them to serve.

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