The Fine & Performing Arts Booster Board was officially formed in the spring of 2015. This group of parents and staff have joined together to advance the arts at PCA so that our students can impact their community and world for Christ. They are eager to accept new members. Please consider joining with this group as we work to accomplish the following purposes:

  • To encourage and stimulate Christian values in the fine & performing arts program of PCA.
  • To encourage development of God given skills and talents within the student body.
  • To raise funds to provide resources for the Fine & Performing Arts program of PCA as approved by the Head of School.
  • To authorize the disbursement of funds, raised by the Fine & Performing Arts Booster Board and held by PCA, and approved by the Head of School, for the betterment of the Fine & Performing Arts department.
  • To promote the PCA Fine & Performing Arts program in the church and community.
  • To provide prayer support for all involved in the Fine & Performing Arts programs of PCA.

Fine and Performing Arts Booster Board Members

  • Alicia Allen- President
  • Belinda Dotson- Vice President
  • NEEDED- Treasurer
  • Anne Manning – Secretary
  • Sandra Harju
  • Diane Pray
  • Carolyn Kedney
  • Megan Barnard
  • Jeff Allen
  • Peggy Paulson
  • Dan Paulson
  • Michael Hejka
  • Michele Snipes
  • Haley Rossi

Fine and Performing Arts Booster Board Meetings

If you have a passion for the arts at PCA, you are needed on the Fine and Performing Arts Booster Board. You are invited to find out by joining any of the monthly meetings. The meetings are Monday evenings at 7:00 pm in the church library. Any parent, grandparent or alumni of a PCA student is encouraged to attend…any time…there is no monthly time commitment…it is simply a time that you are welcome to learn about the plan for the arts at PCA!

Meeting Dates 2017-2018

Stay tuned for the list of meeting dates for the 2017-2018 school year!