Why Read?

By: Webmaster|Date: Mar 20, 2015|Tags: School News

Why read? It help us…

  • Build on others’ knowledge and wisdom written over centuries of experience
    which we could never gain in a lifetime of our own experience– void of books
  • Gain sympathy and (even greater empathy) as we read of others’ thoughts and
    emotions as they go through joys, trials and sufferings which we have not
  • Encounter different cultures, customs, and lifestyles of those from other lands and
    times that we could not experience without actually living in that other place and
    time rather than our own
  • Learn from and possibly avoid mistakes made by people like us with the same
    failings as we have
  • Construct, fix, or know how to use things by reading directions or instructions
  • Find answers to our questions in life, living, loving, and relating to the world
    around us
  • Record our own thoughts and experiences to be read when we are gone
  • Be inspired to be better than we are, try harder to succeed, and to hope for
    something beyond us

And reading the Bible? How could we know really know God without it or benefit
from other’s years of study into the languages and cultures to deepen our
understanding of how God deals with men?

Written by Tami Fontaine, PCA Librarian

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