A Week of Special Guests in the PCA Music Department

By: Webmaster|Date: Apr 20, 2016|Tags: Arts, School News

In early April, the PCA Music Department had the honor of welcoming both Cornerstone University Brass Ensemble and the Michigan Philharmonic Orchestra to our school during the same week.

The Cornerstone University Brass Ensemble performed a wonderful assembly for the elementary students and selected secondary students. It was a concert of classical, jazz, marches, and Christian hymns. There were three trumpets, a French horn, a tuba, and a slide trombone. The college students shared about themselves and explained a Bible verse that is meaningful to their life. They were accompanied by Professor Keen and music professor, Dr. Bajeema.

After the concert, the brass ensemble held a clinic for low brass and a separate clinic for high brass. Students learned how to use exercises on their instrument to improve the way they sound. The students played along with the college students and practiced techniques to improve their playing.

The brass ensemble also joined the middle school band in their class and rehearsed the music that the middle school is preparing for spring concert. We were so grateful to Cornerstone University Brass Ensemble for spending the morning with our musicians!

The day following the Cornerstone visit, PCA welcomed a small ensemble from the Michigan Philharmonic. This ensemble played many tunes for our students including classical and show tunes. Each member of the ensemble explained how their instrument works and how it fits into the family of instruments. Students were allowed to ask questions at the end of the presentation. We wish to thank FAPA (Fine and Performing Booster Board) for providing this opportunity to our students.

Submitted by Carolyn Kedney, Fine & Performing Arts Department Chair

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