We are “HEARTSafe”!

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Over the past few months, PCA administration and staff have been working toward obtaining a new designation; one that we consider extremely important. That designation is to be certified as a HEARTSafe School in the State of Michigan. The steps to this designation are many, with the following topics addressed along the way:

  • Development of a school Cardiac Emergency Response Plan
  • Training staff to recognize the symptoms of cardiac arrest and know how to get help “on the way, right away”
  • Determining what staff members are CPR certified and if they are ready to use their skills when needed
  • Educating staff on the placement of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) located in your school building and how to use them, and making sure the AED’s are properly maintained and inspected
  • To learn more details about this certification, please click HERE

We are proud to report that we have received this designation and are now officially recognized as a Michigan HEARTSafe School! We are grateful to Principal Ryan Batson for his leadership in this training and to Jennifer Shea, Manager with the Student Heart Check Program from Beaumont Hospital. Jennifer was instrumental in staff training with AED use, AED drills, and general campus suggestions for AED signage and much more.

Finally, we are extremely grateful to the Live Like Max Foundation for their generous donation of PCA’s 4th AED unit. After John and Lisa Pardington lost their son to a genetic heart condition, the Pardingtons created the Live Like Max Foundation to raise money for free heart screenings for student athletes, and to raise awareness of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Lisa has often said, “My son was the picture of health.” And he was. He was a standout athlete, loving son and caring brother to Claire, Emily, and Jack. Max had an incredible love for life and his mission lives on. The Live Like Max Foundation has literally meant the difference between life and death for several students in our area. “We are on a mission to save other kids,” says Lisa Pardington, who, with her husband, owns Holiday Market in Canton. “We have screened 700 high school students and 9 of them have had ‘stops’, which means they can no longer play high school sports and must follow up with a cardiologist.” The foundation, in conjunction with Beaumont Hospital Student Heart Check Program, seeks to educate schools about heart disease and to promote healthy heart checks. Max’s story is a personal one for PCA since Max attended PCA from elementary school through the 8th grade. We’re incredibly grateful that Max’s parents, John and Lisa Pardington, established the Live Like Max Foundation to make education, screening, and life-saving defibrillators available in our community.

We are thrilled with the addition of this 4th AED unit, which will be used for travel to away games and activities at schools or destinations that may not have a life-saving machine available at their facility. Every minute that ticks by, the survival rates for those who experience a sudden heart event decreases by 10%. Unless people are prepared, there is no second chance after sudden cardiac arrest. The Pardingtons want our kids to have the chance Max never had.

To learn more about the Live Like Max Foundation, please click HERE.

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