Using the BAND app at PCA…Increasing Student Safety

By: Webmaster|Date: Oct 1, 2019|Tags: Secondary

Streamlining communication at PCA is a goal that we are always working toward.  In the pursuit of clear communication tools, several of our coaches and teachers use the BAND app at the secondary level. This tool allows for easy communication with groups, classes, and teams, eliminating long email threads and lengthy text conversations. Although this tool is a very good communication tool, it is a social media app.  BAND recognized the need to increase safety and security for teens, so they have added a Supervision feature to the 7.1 BAND version and higher. The following are the steps that will allow you to set up this Supervision feature.

According to BAND, “Guardians of children between the ages of 13-18, can supervise their accounts and disable some features. After setting up the Supervision feature, supervisors can disable the Search/Discover feature on the child’s BAND account. Supervisors can also check the Bands they join or Pages they follow.”

  1. Go to the BAND Home > [Settings] > [Set up Supervision] > [Add Supervision] > [Create an access code]
  2. In order for you to become a Supervisor of their account, they’ll need to accept your request. When they become 18, supervision will automatically stop. The age will be in accordance with the information they entered on their BAND app.
  3. You can receive in-app or push notifications when settings change, including an accept/stop Supervision request, new Bands they’ve joined, Pages they followed, enabling/disabling Band search, etc.

*This feature is only available on the 7.1 BAND version or higher.

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