Student Statesmanship Institute 2017

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On April 20 & 21, the PCA Class of 2017 has the very unique opportunity to experience Student Statesmanship Institute (SSI). The mission of SSI, taken from their website, is the following:

Transferring our Judeo-Christian heritage to future generations by training young people to be effective leaders and Ambassadors for Christ and by encouraging adults to impart a legacy of faith to the leaders of tomorrow.

In our mission of empowering young people to change their world for good, we seek to:

    CULTIVATE desire in young people to discover God’s design, purpose, calling and destiny for their lives through the Lord Jesus Christ.
    HELP young people develop a comprehensive Biblical worldview to apply God’s eternal truths to every area of life.
    IMPART knowledge as relevant for our everyday world and not just confined to personal spiritual matters.
    INSPIRE young people to be Godly leaders in their generation.

The administration of PCA believes strongly in the value of this program and has made this event possible for our students. Included in the two-day event are classroom sessions on topics including Ambassadors for Christ, Biblical Worldview, and Debate/Communication. Woven throughout is a Mock Legislature, designed to teach students about responsible Christian citizenship and challenge students to apply godly principles to current issues. Students role play as state legislators while debating actual bills taken from the Michigan legislature. The following are just a few of bills being debated today:

  • Texting and driving
  • Public display of the Ten Commandments
  • Judge “shopping” by teens seeking abortion without parental consent
  • Motorcycle Helmet Law
  • Stem Cell Research
  • Placing fines on striking teachers

To make this event possible, VIP’s are needed to assist with the Mock Committee Meetings. PCA is grateful for the support of many community and state leaders who are here today to make this event possible.

    Dave McCreedy, Wayne County Prosecutor and PCA Parent
    Mike Warmbier, Businessman and PCA Parent
    Jeff Noble, Michigan State Representative, 20th District & Praise Baptist Church Pastor
    John Losen, PCA Alumni and Financial Planner
    John Losen Sr, Businessman and PCA Alumni Parent
    Pat Williams, Canton Township Supervisor
    Tom Stroup, Owner – Valaset Services LLC & Wayne County Republican Committee
    Ken Crider, Businessman
    Paul Ellinger, PCA Elder Board & Regent Board Member, PCA Parent
    Mark Clinton, Plymouth Township Trustee
    Dale Yates, Businessman
    Al Cox, City of Plymouth Chief of Police, PCA Alumni
    James Muffett, Founder & President of Student Statesmanship Institute

The event will conclude on Friday evening, when the student delegates present their arguments on the “floor”. Parents and guests are invited to attend, beginning at 6:00pm in room 303, CBC.

To learn more about Student Statesmanship Institute, visit their website by clicking HERE.

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