Secondary Parents…Important Attendance News You Can Use

By: Webmaster|Date: Sep 16, 2016|Tags: School News

Dear Secondary Parents,
With the new school year upon us we have welcomed several new families and wanted to present the Attendance Policy as a reminder and information for everyone.


  • Full Day Absences: By 8:00am on the day of absence, parents must call the school absence line by phone (734-459-3505, ext. 3181).
  • Partial Day Absences: Parents are asked to call the absence line (ext. 3181) and leave a message on our voice mail system or call the secondary office before 8:00 a.m. Please state whether the student will have an early release or a late arrival and the reason. Upon arrival or dismissal, the student must sign in/out at the Reception Desk. Students are to enter and exit through the flag pole doors only.
  • Family Trips/Vacations: A pre-Arranged Absence Request (“blue form”) must be completed and returned to the receptionist at least one week prior to a planned family vacation/trip. (These forms may be picked up from the Secondary Office.)
  • College Days for Junior and Seniors: The limit for College Days is four per year. Students should submit a pre-Arranged Absence Request (“blue form”) before the day that they go for a college visit. PCA will excuse students for college days if one of the following conditions is met:
      1. The college is sponsoring an all-day formal program such as a “College Day” or “Open House” for prospective students and a Confirmation is submitted to PCA.
      2. The parent of the student accompanies the student on the visit.

    College days for Juniors and Seniors will not be counted toward the total days absent. Any exceptions to this must be approved by the Counselor or Secondary Principal.

    Any questions should be directed to Nathan Yates, Secondary Assistant Principal, at

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