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Special thanks to all who came out and supported PCA Theatre by attending Beauty and the Beast on January 23, 24, or 25. The cast was spectacular, the orchestra was fabulous, and the crew kept the entire production running in amazing fashion. We are ever grateful to the PCA staff who pour into these students throughout the year, allowing them to grow in their God-given talents that we are able to enjoy. Special thanks to Carolyn Kedney, PCA Fine Arts Coordinator, Megan Sinclair, PCA Choir Director, Leah Rigby, PCA Theatre Director, Aaron Pollard, PCA Instrumental Director, and Richard Rich, PCA Technical Director.

Following a production of this magnitude, there is much to reflect about. To all who attended, you received the playbill, full of information about the cast and crew, with shout-outs to all who support the arts at PCA. We hope you took the time to read the opening Note from the Director, but in case you didn’t or if you missed the play entirely, we want to share the message written by PCA Theatre Director, Leah Rigby. We appreciate how she connects the story of Belle, the Beast, and Gaston, to God’s love and grace.

A Note from the Director

As a high school teacher, I witness the struggles of the student body on a daily basis. It is not an easy four years, and I am sure all of us could share a story of a time when we felt hurt, isolated, or odd during our own high school experience. Many of us can relate to Belle’s struggle to fit in, especially when we live in a society that loves and supports the Gastons of the world. Gaston is handsome, charismatic, clever, and skilled. What’s not to like? But Belle sees beyond these features and observes his true nature as a prideful bully who thrives on cruelty and humiliation to achieve his means. Gaston demonstrates that bullies are often rewarded and beloved by society for their strength, while the kind and meek people are ostracized. As Christians, we are called to be different. To be odd. To reach out to others who have been hurt by the bullies of the world.

We all know the story of Beauty and the Beast. A beautiful girl falls in love with a Beast looking for redemption, and in the end, we see them happily ever after. This metaphor of redemption and acceptance speaks to us as Christians on a very personal level. It reminds us of our own failures. In observing our needs as Christians for a savior, we aren’t Belle. We are the Beast, always in need of being saved, loved, and accepted. But what about Gaston?

I often wish this story could continue. I can see a sequel where Gaston becomes the Beast after his fall from the tower. He would have the time to reflect on his previous actions and choose to make a change in his life, learning to love and respect those who are different from himself. It would demonstrate that no one is beyond God’s love or acceptance and that it’s never too late to learn to be kind to others.  That none of us are beyond God’s saving grace.

As my students prepare for college and their lives beyond, I hope that this is a message they can keep near their hearts. When met with the option to be kind or to be cruel, they will choose kindness. They will choose to demonstrate God’s love for others regardless of how odd they may be. Through our actions, we can reveal God’s beautiful message, that though we are imperfect, cruel, self-serving, and prideful, none of us are beyond the redemption that Jesus provides for us.

Leah Rigby, Director of PCA Theatre

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