10 Reasons To Send Your Child To Plymouth Christian Academy

Your child's education plays a significant role in their long-term moral focus, relationship growth, and preparation for the future. If you're looking for a private school that prioritizes Christ-centered education and academic achievement, Plymouth Christian Academy is an excellent choice to consider. 

Here are ten reasons to send your child to Plymouth Christian Academy.

Christ Centered | Plymouth Christian Academy

At Plymouth Christian Academy, we take a unique approach to education compared to many private schools near Canton, Michigan. Our Christ-centered philosophy is reflected in every aspect of our educational facility, from classes to athletics and teachers to student life.  

You can feel confident that your child will be immersed in a Christ-focused community while attending PCA.

2022 Niche Best Schools | Plymouth Christian Academy

When looking for the best private high schools near me, look no further than PCA for academic excellence. Aside from high school students, we also provide a world-class education to elementary and middle school students. This has been emphasized by Niche.

Our academic curriculum provides students with everything needed to reach their fullest potential in an ever-changing world. We keep our classes small, so each child receives individual attention and an education tailored to fit their learning style and other unique needs. Contact us if you are searching for private schools near me that will give your child the best education possible.

Is your child home-schooled? Explore our Homeschool Partnership Program to give your child a wholesome and comprehensive education.

Graduating Students at Plymouth Christian Academy | Academics

As a college preparatory school, we place a great emphasis on helping students reach their fullest academic potentials. Our private school curriculum, small class sizes, and innovative teaching methods give students the best tools and environments to excel academically. As a result, our students meet or exceed statewide requirements on standardized tests at all grade levels. 

Plymouth Christian Academy Faculty

At Plymouth Christian Academy, we know the vital role teachers play in the growth and education of their students. Our faculty consists of caring, dedicated, certified teachers who support our mission of fostering a biblical worldview and a lifetime of learning, leadership, and service. Many of our teachers have received at least a master's degree in their fields.

Biblical Moral Standards | Plymouth Christian Academy

Every facet of our institution stems from a biblical worldview, and we strive to instill that same moral viewpoint in each student who enters our program. Students leave Plymouth Christian Academy with an unwavering Christ-centered ideology that impacts their beliefs, actions, daily life, and goals. 

Student Life | Plymouth Christian Academy

We believe in the importance of cultivating community outside of the classroom setting. At PCA, we offer a wide range of clubs, community service groups, fine arts programs, athletic programs, and spiritual development groups for students.

Our student life programs allow students to grow in faith, integrity, and intellectual pursuits in a safe and encouraging atmosphere. 

Our PCA athletics program allows students to develop leadership skills, learn to work as a team, and strengthen athletic abilities for the glory of God. We encourage students to exhibit Christ-like character on and off the field, keeping our Biblical morals at the forefront of athletic participation.

fine arts

Our PCA fine arts programs seek to help students discover and cultivate their God-given artistic talents through a range of expressions and forms. We offer numerous art-centered programs, including:

  • Theatre
  • Dance
  • Band and string instruments
  • Vocal music
  • Visual art
  • And more!

Encouraging creative self-expression allows students to enhance their understanding of God and the gifts He has given them. 

student org

Outside of athletics and fine arts, we offer a wide range of clubs that allow students to explore their interests and develop diverse skills. With organizations ranging from student government to jump rope club, students have plenty of opportunities to share and foster their passions with other students. 

One of the best reasons to send your child to Plymouth Christian Academy is to instill in them a lifelong excitement for service.

At PCA, we cultivate a passion for service by encouraging high school students to serve outside of school for five hours each quarter. We also encourage all students and staff to participate in our annual Servathon, Project SHINE (Serving Him in Neighborhoods Everywhere). 

Learn More About Plymouth Christian Academy | Are You Ready To Take A Tour or Apply?

If you're interested in sending your child to a private school near Ann Arbor, Michigan, that prioritizes Christian leadership, academic success, artistic development, and spiritual drive, Plymouth Christian Academy can meet your needs.

Schedule a tour today to experience our institution in person, or apply now to start the process of becoming part of our school family.