Project SHINE 2015 Testimonies

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Project SHINE: Serving Him in Neighborhoods Everywhere. SHINE 2015 began on Monday with a time of praise and worship and a challenge for our high school students from Josh Wilhite, Solid Rock Bible Church Youth Pastor. Josh encouraged them to authentically serve from their heart, not grudgingly, but cheerfully. The students then went off in many different directions to serve in food warehouses, with preschool children, in medical relief warehouses, with senior citizens, and for the Habitat for Humanity. At the end of their service day, we ask our students how they felt about the service and what it meant to them. Many responded with enthusiasm about how much it meant to them to learn about and serve in the various locations. We plan to collect their testimonies at the end of the week.

In addition to hearing from our students, we love to hear feedback from our staff chaperones and those that we serve. Great reports are coming in from chaperones regarding great behavior and good attitudes. As the directors of Project SHINE, we are thrilled to receive that feedback. Occasionally, we receive extensive feedback from the volunteer coordinators at the organizations where we serve. Today was one of those days. First thing this morning, we were greeted by an email from Cheryl Majeske, Volunteer Coordinator at Starfish Family Services. It was such an encouragement to us so we want to share it with you. Thanks to all the parents, faculty and staff that have a part in raising young people that receive this type of feedback. It’s a blessing!

Cheryl Majeske, “WOW! What an absolute amazing day. It brings tears to my eyes as I type this with all the joy I have in my heart from spending time with your teachers and students yesterday. The young ladies were perfect in the classrooms with the children and even after an exciting morning of playing with preschoolers, they willingly got up to start cleaning up our grounds once the kids took a nap. They were a great representation of PCA and the teachers want them back every day in the classrooms; that’s how wonderful they were. At the end of their time here, I asked them for thoughts on the day and they were are so well spoken. My favorite thing a student said was ‘We came here to serve and to help but really in the end the children and staff blessed us’. What a wonderful ministry you have… I look forward to working with PCA in the future; you all are welcome here anytime.”

Thanks so much to all who make Project SHINE possible at PCA. Our students are making an impact!

Beth Larabee & Peggy Paulson
SHINE Directors

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