Project SHINE 2015 Testimonials

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As promised last week, we are gathering testimonials from our students and those that we served during Project SHINE 2015. On Monday, April 20, 20 high school students served at ReStore Habitat for Humanity in Ann Arbor. “The ReStore is a retail store operated by Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley and open 7 days a week. The store accepts donations from individuals and businesses of new and gently used building materials, tools, furniture and appliances and sells them to the public at 50-75% off retail price. We accept donations from businesses and individuals alike and offer great deals to the public. 100% of ReStore revenue is invested back into our homeownership program that makes owning a home a reality. It provides our community with high quality materials at reasonable prices to improve and REBUILD existing homes. The ReStore also REDUCES and RECYCLES resources consumed and diverts materials from landfills.” Taken from the ReStore Habitat for Humanity website.

To learn more about ReStore, CLICK HERE.

The following testimonial was received from Kyle Thornhill, volunteer coordinator for ReStore.

“In all honesty, the PCA group was one of the most positive and productive groups we’ve ever had in the ReStore!”

“The students as well as the chaperons were outstanding. They were hard working and they displayed great teamwork as they helped us with multiple tasks such as hanging our large area rugs, organizing and sorting two huge boxes of new lumber, completely overhauling our sports, home decor and media section, moving multiple furniture items onto the sales floor and so much more!”

“Words can’t describe our appreciation and it’s groups like this that make me happy that I do what I do.”

“Thank you so much for all of your help and if you would like to arrange any events in the future, let at know as we’ll be more than happy to do so!”

Best regards,
Kyle Thornhill
ReStore Volunteer Coordinator
Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley

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