Project ENCOURAGEMENT – A Cancer Diagnosis and a Desire to Help

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We’ve received permission to share the following story that highlights a family’s beginning journey into a cancer diagnosis, and the heart to help from a few PCA high school students.

The Hoover family are friends of PCA. Steve Hoover is a member of the PCA Class of 1985. Stacey Hoover is close to many of our PCA parents. Julian Hoover is 12 years and he is the biggest “non-PCA” PCA fan we know. Julian tries to go to all the PCA basketball games and is the biggest Nathan Etnyre fan. But we love WHY he admires Nathan and why he begs his parents to come to PCA. It’s not for Nathan’s obvious skill; he says “I want to be like Nathan because he is a Godly guy; I can tell by how he acts and treats others.”  Steve and Stacey have been praying about how to send Julian to PCA for high school. Side note: Julian wears a PCA band every day (see the picture).. so proud to be a PCA fan!

Just as the quarantine hit the state of Michigan, Stacey was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma. As heart-wrenching as that diagnosis is, it has been even more difficult due to COVID-19. Stacey has had to navigate hospital visits alone, has had testing delayed, and had to endure the placement of her chemo port alone.  Thankfully, she is a woman close to the Lord and her faith is carrying her through this.

She shared with her good friend and PCA mom, Gail Heussner, that her family had never taken professional family pictures other than casual shots they took themselves. Gail shared that news with her daughter, Emma, who volunteered to organize these photos. Emma quickly thought of Kari Groen, who does photography. Kari didn’t hesitate and before they knew it, the Hoover family, Emma, and Kari were spending over an hour in downtown Plymouth for their photoshoot. Emma’s job entailed setting them up and adjusting their clothes, their poses, looking for good backgrounds, and watching for no intrusions with background cars/people.  Kari shot some great family moments, including when they were singing and worshipping; the Hoovers sing through both the good and the bad! 

When Nathan Etnyre heard this story, he offered to help by hanging out with Julian during Stacey’s chemo treatments. This Sunday, if the weather cooperates and the family is up for it, Nathan plans to visit Julian and gift him with one of his PCA sweatshirts.  PCA Athletic Director, Matt Windle, is adding some extra PCA gear to bring along.

We share this story for a few reasons.

  1. Please keep Stacey and the entire family in your prayers as she journeys this difficult path.
  2. Please pray for Steve and Stacey as they seek God’s wisdom in Julian’s high school choice.
  3. We want to thank our PCA students, Emma Heussner, Kari Groen, and Nathan Etnyre for having tender hearts and showing the love of Christ to the Hoover family.

Gail…thank you for sharing this story with us. Hoover family…the PCA family will be praying for strength and complete healing! Please know that we are here for you!

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