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PCA is proud to present the 3rd annual ExPlore Week at PCA. This year, ExPlore takes place March 27-20 for 9th-12th grade students. While the sophomores and seniors are off-campus for their trips; juniors, freshman, and remaining seniors and sophomores can experience the incredible opportunity to grow in a variety of ways. During ExPlore, PCA students have the ability to learn a new skill, study a topic in-depth, job shadow inside or outside of PCA, or take an exciting field trip.
We are working to provide some of the very best ExPlore options this year. The following is just a sample of the options offered:

  • ​​Metro Detroit College Fair featuring over 100 different colleges and universities
  • Excel Programming: Think Excel is just a program to put in budgets or do simple math? Think again, excel can access the internet, files on your computer, as well as look up, extract and analyze data from many sources. In this session we will learn the basics of writing formulas to have excel do amazing things. No matter career you choose, you will likely use Excel, so learn to use it well.
  • CPR Certification: The Canton Fire Department will be traveling to PCA to educate and certify our students in CPR. A new law was just passed in the State of Michigan that will require all graduating seniors in 2018 to be educated in CPR in order to graduate. The Canton Fire Department is using PCA as a test to see how they can work with schools to fulfill this new law!
  • Ecology Class: Are you interested in the ecological world around you? Sign up to build awareness of the various special environmental aspects of our own campus, information posts for the campus telling about various species God has created, and a NEW Ecology Club for PCA​!
  • The Color Purple, Ladies Bible Study with Mrs. Leanne Windle
  • Pure Detroit Tours, Fischer Building, followed by a trip to the DIA. Learn the in-depth history of this fabulous building in Detroit, as you tour with either a historian, urban planner or local Detroit journalist. In the lobby of the Fischer Building, you will learn the rich history of the building, the architect that built it, and the family that funded it’s creation. Head to the third floor of the building’s grand arcade where you will learn about the beautiful fresco painted ceiling. The tour is capped with a trip to the 19th floor where you will be provided a view of the Detroit skyline unavailable anywhere else. Following the Fischer Building tour, you will spend the rest of your day visiting the Detroit Institute of Arts.
  • Planet Rock, Ann Arbor: Interested in learning to rock climb? Then this trip is for you. You’ll travel to Planet Rock in Ann Arbor, where you will begin your day with lessons and instruction and then take to the walls of Planet Rock for some serious climbing.
  • Floral Arranging with Vanessa’s Flowers’ owner, Mr. Victor West. Mr. West has been providing beautiful floral designs for our community for years and he is bringing his talents to PCA. Upon completion of this floral arranging class, you will leave with a design all your own!
  • Holocaust Museum Visit/Holocaust Film: Interested in learning more about this period in history? Your day will begin with a film about the holocaust and time of discussion, following by a visit to the Holocaust Museum in Farmington Hills.
  • Money, stocks, bonds, investing and saving for retirement 101: What is a stock? Bond? Mutual Fund? Index? IRA? 401k? Roth vs Traditional? When I get out of college, how should I save for my retirement? In this session we will go over the basics of the stock market, investing and saving for retirement. Learn the basics to give you a head start as you work towards starting your career.
  • Jewelry Making Class with Mrs. Dianne Crawford. You’ll leave this class with a beautiful necklace, made just for you!
  • A Day in the Life of a Wayne County Prosecutor: Spend the day at the Wayne County Courthouse as a guest of PCA Parent and Wayne County Prosecutor, David McCreedy. You’ll learn about the courts, the role of the prosecutor, and sit in the courtroom to view a trial taking place at that time.
  • Car Care 101 with Corey Hartman and Matt Rossi: This class will provide you with all you need to know for basic car maintenance and emergency info. This is a great class for all young drivers!
  • Photography Class taught by Chelsea Robinson, Studio 53 Photography
  • And many, many more!

Stay tuned for the ExPlore 2017 Brochure. Registration coming soon, with first selection choice being given to the PCA Upperclassman.

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