New Security Protocol

By: Webmaster|Date: Apr 9, 2016|Tags: School News

For over 39 years, PCA has operated without a crisis security incident. For the past several years, the exterior doors have been locked and secured. In our ongoing effort to provide the best protection for your child, we continue to upgrade our security measures. As of Monday, April 11, the newly installed security doors and alarms will be activated in both the church and school building. Therefore, in addition to our current sign-in procedure, all visitors who need to access any classroom, will need the Receptionist to swipe a proximity card to enter. In addition, the mural entrance doors, the athletic entrance door, and outside locker room doors will be on alarm during school hours, 7:25am-3:00pm. If any of these doors are opened during school hours, a loud alarm will sound. Students have been informed about this security update.

Additionally, during the After School Care hours of 3:30pm-6:00pm, the interior doors between the secondary main office and the science rooms, will be locked. There will be a notice on the main entrance hallway door of who to contact to pick up your student in After School Care. If students need to get to the gym/activity center, they can enter the building by the triple doors.

The extended plan is to implement Stage 2 in the fall. This Stage will include a buzzer entry system at the main exterior entrances.

Again, the goal of these preventive measures is for the overall safety of students and staff! Thank you for your support and understanding through this transition process.

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