MSBOA District Solo & Ensemble 2017

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On January 28, High School band members participated in MSBOA District Solo & Ensemble, held at Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor. Fifteen students participated in the event and each represented Plymouth Christian Academy dignity, class, and grace.

The following are the results of our Middle School and High School Band members from this year’s District XII Solo & Ensemble Festivals.

Students are assessed on their tone, intonation, technique, rhythm, and musical interpretation. Afterwards, the adjudicator rates the student(s) I-V (highest-lowest). Our band members represented PCA well:

    7% of the events rated at a III
    48% of the events rated at a II
    45% of the events rated at a I
    47% of eligible events qualified for State-level competition on March 18.
    93% of Secondary band students participated in at least one event.
    63% of Secondary band students participated in multiple events.

Middle School Results

Receiving a ribbon and a rating of a “III”:

    Logan Harris, Hayden Schils, and Lorenzo Waller – Trio
    Hayden Schils, Caleb Cameron, and Jackson Ellinger – Trio

Receiving a medal and a rating of a “II”:

    Christina Bilko – Solo
    Brody Gibson – Solo
    Logan Harris – Solo
    Kaden Coon and Mitchell Maxwell – Duet
    Caleb Cameron, Jackson Ellinger, and Nolan Chubb – Trio
    Dillon Morby, Evan Loiselle, and Lorenzo Waller – Trio

Receiving a medal and a rating of a “I”:

    Gloria Brown (Flute) – Solo
    Gloria Brown (Piano) – Solo
    Nolan Chubb – Solo
    Evan Loiselle – Solo
    Dillon Morby – Solo
    Christina Bilko and Gloria Brown – Duet

High School Results

    Receiving a medal and a rating of a “II”:
    Hannah Askew – Solo
    Noah Askew – Solo
    Elizabeth Manning – Solo
    Jordan Rose – Solo
    Mac Gibson & Hannah Askew – Duet
    Eric Moore & Devin Potrykus – Duet
    Jordan Rose & Elizabeth Manning – Duet
    Jenae Ross, Mac Gibson, & Noah Askew – Trio

Receiving a medal, a rating of a “I”, and qualification for State Solo & Ensemble:

    Caleb Devries – Solo
    Jenae Ross – Solo
    Isabel Mossel – Solo
    Sarah Fernandes – Solo
    Caleb Devries & Isaac Vuletich – Duet
    Christopher Bilko & Brendan Schmucker – Duet
    Isabel Mossel & Sarah Fernandes – Duet

Congratulations to all these band members for hard work and dedication!

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