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We are excited to announce the addition of a journalism component to our Yearbook Class for PCA High School students. The following is our first article submitted. PCA Senior, Katie Spada, shares a student’s perspective of various ways to enjoy the annual Barn Dance.

Gloria Ravuri (10) looks down from the loft to watch the square dancers below.

Plymouth Christian Academy (PCA) students enjoyed a foggy, plaid-filled evening at Three Cedars Farm for the annual Parent-Sponsored Barn Dance.

On a night that is filled with dosey-doeing and promenading, there are several who find enjoyment outside of the square dancing. For those who find themselves with two left feet, there are other enjoyments to be found at Three Cedars without dancing at all. Olivia Gordon (12) gave alternatives saying, “There’s the animal farm, the corn maze and just walking around with people and friends.”

Many students can also be found spending their evening in the loft of the Three Cedars Barn. There you’ll find several people sitting around, eating donuts and cider, talking, laughing and observing the dancing from above. When asked what he enjoyed about watching from the loft, Kiren Moore (12) laughed and said, “I like to watch people struggle to square dance and bump into each other. It’s funny.”

Whether you enjoy learning new square dances, finding your way through corn mazes, riding on hayrides or just eating donuts and drinking cider while talking to friends, the Barn Dance is an exciting and fun-filled event for all.

Author: Katie Spada

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