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The Performing Arts Department is excited to announce our upcoming Variety Show on Thursday, October 30th. We would like to extend an invitation to all high school students to audition for this show. We are looking for quality acts whose content is God-honoring. Auditions will be held Wednesday, October 15th, from 3-5pm in the church auditorium. Beginning October 1st, you may sign up in the secondary office for a specific time to audition and pick up your contract. Contracts must be brought to your audition signed by you and your parents. Please review the following guidelines for your performance:

    1. All students performing must be current PCA students.
    2. The areas of performance are instrumental solos/ensembles, vocal solos/ensembles,
    Musical theatre pieces/lip-synching, dramatic or comedic scenes/monologues, creative movement pieces/dance pieces, magic and juggling. Students may also include other types of acts that are not mentioned. If you have a question, please see one of the below mentioned teachers and they can help advise you. Pieces are to be no longer than three minutes.
    3. The Variety show includes a mixture of different performances and the number of each type of act is limited. Therefore, students are encouraged to participate in ensembles or groups.
    4. Acts may be sacred or secular, but must be God-honoring. Any anti-God, anti-authority or sinful or worldly theme is not acceptable and should not be brought to auditions.
    5. Students who cannot audition on Wednesday, October 15th must make an appointment to audition before October 17th. All four teachers (Mrs. Chamberlain, Mr. Hoffman, Mrs. Snyder, and Mrs. Kedney) must be present at your audition. Please contact them before 3pm on October 16th to arrange another time. The best way to contact them is by email.
    6. Auditions are closed. No other person may attend your audition.
    7. Auditions must be performance ready. The list of acts will come from the auditions.
    It is important that you are prepared with all members of your group and any equipment.
    8. Vocalists must sing with an accompaniment c.d. (no additional vocal singers may be on the c.d.), or live background. All lyrics must be provided at the audition. Words will not be changed in order to accommodate a song being performed. A song containing inappropriate lyrics is inappropriate for this performance. Any questions regarding lyrics can be discussed with a PCA music teacher before auditions.
    9. A list of accepted acts will be posted after auditions. Students who are chosen to perform will need to bring their ”performance clothing” to school to be approved by Mrs. Chamberlain, Mrs. Kedney, Mr. Hoffman, & Mrs. Snyder.

The Variety Show is an exciting time for PCA students to shine. The Fine Arts Department desires to give all our students the opportunity to share their God-given talents. Since it is a priority that this evening reflect the love and praise that we have for the Lord, the above-mentioned guidelines have been established. We want to assure that this event demonstrates to the world what Jesus Christ means to us. Thank you for your willingness to share your talents to perform. You are truly inspiring young people and we feel honored to work with you.

    Kristin Chamberlain
    Choir Director

    Ryan Hoffman
    Instrumental Director

    Patti Snyder
    Drama Director

    Carolyn Kedney
    PCA Music Department Head

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