Godly Character Counts

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We are privileged to partner with parents to raise young people who are rooted in the timeless truths of God’s Word. Our Godly Character Counts program features six pillars of character that are infused into the fabric of our day at Plymouth Christian. We believe that the spiritual formation of our young people is fundamental to everything we do. In the context of Scripture, Godly Character Counts training takes place throughout the entire school day, not just a “character lesson” taught in chapel once a week. It’s experienced in every subject area, through every teaching method, in every attitude and instilled into every co-curricular event so that every student realizes that God has a plan for each of them, here and in eternity. Our goal is to help them understand that our purpose is to glorify our Creator God and to make Him known. It is our fervent prayer that our students grasp that it’s not about what we do, but who we are in Christ that matters. “Attempts to train a child to be ‘good’ will be relatively meaningless and have only limited success if that child has no personal relationship with God, and no real understanding of His love and justice. A kid can make all the right spiritual noises and toe the line when Mom and Dad are watching, but what happens when he goes off to college by himself?” Excerpted from the Complete Guide to Baby and Child Care, and the Physicians Resource Council of Focus on the Family, published by Tyndale House Publishers. Copyright 1997, 2007, Focus on the Family.

Teaching children to hold fast to biblical principles and internalize them, helps them make wise choices in the face of tremendous pressures and cultural challenges around them. Scripture teaches us that when we train up young people in the way they should go, they will hold firmly to their faith, exhibit integrity, and be faithful to God in difficult situations. Throughout this month, our students will be reflecting on their walk with God in a personal, private spiritual assessment. Their assessment is added to their Spiritual Portfolio that will travel with them year after year and kept as a record of their spiritual journey at PCA, K-12. Students are given a list of ideas that they could commit to that would be beneficial in helping them grow in their walk. As part of our Continuous School Improvement Plan, the Student Spiritual Leadership Program is a beautiful way for students to look back and see how God has guided them through life and to see opportunities they had for growth.

Praying for you,
Mr. Batson

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