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“Go Bananas Over Books” Summer Reading Program

By: Webmaster|Date: Jun 22, 2017|Tags: School News


Dear Parents,

During the summer, we participate in a summer reading program to keep minds active!

All of our students have had a busy year becoming stronger readers and growing in language arts skills. Now that summer is finally here, we would like to encourage everyone to keep their brains sharp by continuing to read through the summer. The PCA Elementary Summer Reading Program (students entering 1st grade – 6th grade) is designed to help make this happen! This year’s Summer Reading Program is called, “Go Bananas Over Books!” It’s easy to participate! Simply go to the Scholastic website by clicking HERE. Once you’ve arrived at this website, please click on Kids & Families, and enter a unique user name (no personal information is required) and password (directions below). Students are all set to begin logging how many minutes they read each day – right on the website. There are many reading resources right at their fingertips. The program ends on Thursday, September 7, at 8pm. Then, all you have to do is go to the bottom of the website and click on PRINT LOGGED MINUTES. Simply put your name at the top and turn it into your teacher on Friday, September 8. Students will not be logging titles of books, just the number of minutes they are reading. We have a fun, new twist this year to encourage EVERY student to log their minutes on the scholastic website. Every student who logs their minutes will be honored in chapel on September 12 AND they will earn a “Go Bananas” pass into a Bounce House right here at PCA. Students who log the most minutes over the summer (3 highest per grade level) will earn a medal, TWO passes to the Bounce House and an All-American Banana Split Dessert – made to order!

The “Go Bananas Over Books” Summer Reading Program begins at 11:15am on Thursday, June 15 and ends at 3pm on Thursday, September 7, 2017 at 8pm. This program is a wonderful way to encourage reading, enjoy quality literature and continue improving r comprehension skills and developing independent reading habits. As always, read the Scriptures! Keep your Bible on your bedside stand and read every day so you will strengthen your spiritual muscles and grow closer to Jesus.

Happy reading!
Mr. Batson, Mrs. Larabee

Easy Instructions to GO BANANAS OVER BOOKS!

    1. Click HERE to visit the Scholastic website.
    2. Click on KIDS & FAMILIES
    3. Click on GO NOW
    4. Choose a password by clicking on words – the program will automatically assign a fun, user name for you
    based on the words you chose, such as fuzzypickles54. Personal or school information is not asked for or
    5. Begin logging your minutes each day and the website will keep track.
    6. On Thursday, September 7, please go to the bottom of the website to Print Logged Minutes (shown below).
    7. Put your name at the top of this print out and turn it in to your teacher on Friday, September 8!

Happy Reading!

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