Giving Honor

By: Webmaster|Date: Sep 11, 2014|Tags: School News

In God’s Word we read,
“Give Honor to whom honor is owed.”
Romans 13:7 ESV
This week, we as a school are “giving honor to whom honor is owed.” Patriot Day is September 11th. This is a day that we, as a nation, have set aside to honor and remember those who died in the terrorist attack on America thirteen years ago. We want to honor the men and women in New York City, who put their lives on the line to help others. We also want to thank our local fire and police departments, who daily put their lives on the line like those who helped on 9/11. We want to honor those who risked their lives to save so many! Although our children may not have yet been born or are too young to remember this heartbreaking day, it is important to remind them of the heroism of so many, who helped others that day and continued to help with search and rescue efforts after the attack. We want to say thank you to those people who had the character to act on another person’s behalf. We want to say, as a school, we are celebrating your lives because you are heroes and heroines to us. We recognize your acts of service on that day, thirteen years ago. We will honor you by observing a moment of silence at 8:42 am on September 11th, remembering the exact time the first plane hit the Twin Towers. We will pray for the families of those who lost their lives. We also will thank all our courageous service men and women, at home and abroad, who care for us and fight for our freedom and the freedom of others every day. We celebrate their heroism and we will remember them. We want to say to those courageous people, thank you! Thank you giving us an example of how we, as creations of God Almighty, should act and care for others. As a school, we will give honor to whom honor is owed! God Bless America!!

Praying for you!
Mrs. Huntsman

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