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We understand the difficulty remaining focused as the school year winds down and the temperature heats up and that is why we want to share the following tips from Parent Guide News. You can view the full article HERE.

  • Keep the general work routine the same, but change the activities. For example, start homework at the same time as always, but incorporate fun ways of completing assignments. Move afterschool work outdoors or toss a ball outside during breaks.
  • Update materials and replace notebooks and folders that are falling apart. Consider this an academic spring cleaning. Have your child adorn book covers with a warm season theme. Students are more inclined to complete work if they are excited about using new notebooks or colored pens.
  • Make homework a family activity. Parents can use the time to read the paper or catch up on e-mails while kids complete school assignments. If the whole family is sitting together, kids don’t feel like they are missing out on other activities.
  • Incorporate delightful activities into studying, like creating learning games that engage students. Spelling may be practiced with a round of hangman. Math may be integrated into dinner time or car travel conversations. The timeless enjoyment of Red Light, Green Light gets kids moving around as they work through any homework assignment. Creativity helps students to break up monotonous tasks.
  • Set family goals and monitor progress. Working toward a goal aids students to stay on track. Often, by the last months of school, students have lost some motivation because they have forgotten the excitement the first weeks of school yield, such as learning new things and setting goals for themselves. Discuss how far your children have come and what they hope to accomplish in the remainder of the academic year.

As we enter the home stretch, remind your kids that finishing well is a key principle in life and in a race, what’s most important isn’t how one begins but how one finishes. Did you ever notice how rewards are given for crossing the finish line? Great starts are critical in our journey, but keeping your eyes focused on the finish line will help you keep the pace until the end.This is also true of our Christian life. Hebrews 12:1 encourages us to “run with endurance the race that is set before us.” I encourage you to help your kids stay excited and focused on the remaining days of class. Renew those energy banks and encourage your family to finish well!
Praying for you, Mr. Batson

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