Face Shields Reaching EMT’s, Pediatric Offices, Police Officers, and More

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3D printers across the state are staying very busy, including those belonging to PCA’s Robotics Team, Team 4405. As the COVID-19 situation progresses, an increasing number of organizations and institutions are indicating their need for the shields, and the robotics teams are working to fill them. The following information is an update from Janelle Moore, a mentor for the Novi High School Frog Force Team. PCA has been working with Novi to fill the “orders” for face shields and we want to keep you up-to-date as to where and how these shields are being utilizied.

“As of Tuesday, April 7th,  140 shields have been distributed so far. The following is the list of where they have been sent:

  • 36 through our partners Michigan Chinese American Coalition (MCAC). These are going directly to their members that are physicians across the area
  • 2 went to police officers for evaluation
  • 2 went to Community EMS EMTs
  • 10 went to Priority Care Pediatrics
  • 50 went to Forgotten Harvest for food distribution in Detroit
  • 40 went to Advantage Care Living Centers

I’m packing 79 kits this morning. 50 are earmarked for SKLD (Skilled Nursing facility). I owe 10 more to Advantage Care. The rest I’d like to give to MCAC to distribute to their d0ctors. MCAC believes that putting the shields directly into the doctors hands is a better approach than trying to get official approval from hospital administration. We’ve gotten very good feedback from the doctors using the shields in the field so we’d like to stick with the RC3 design that can be printed 4 stacked for the most volume.

With the help of a coach of FRC 7762, Autopilots, in Warren, I bought enough PETG visor material for 800 more shields! We have a request from the Novi police dept. I have requests from a Peds practice in Philadelphia and Medical Society of Northern Virginia. I am also in contact with an AA anesthesiologist group that would like 50 and a contact at DMC that would like some. So, right now we have more interest than we can keep up with!”

In addition to this list, PCA has learned that the Canton Police Department would like to receive 200 face shields. Team 4405 has purchased an additional 10 spools of PETG filament to keep the 3D printers going. We are so thankful to Mr. Doug Chubb and Mrs. Jessica Wash, for their coordination of this effort, and for Mr. Chubb feeding the filament into the printers every day!


Check out the video of PCA’s 3D printer in action: 3D printers-Project ENCOURAGEMENT

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