An Encouraging Word

By: Webmaster|Date: Nov 24, 2014|Tags: School News

Our children are very smart! They know how we as parents feel about their teachers and school. Our children know if we have concerns with the school programs and if we are partnering to work together for good solutions. They can immediately recognize when we are thrilled with what they have learned in school. Our children recognize how the partnership is going by our responses and facial expressions. We, here at PCA, want there to be a strong partnership with every parent. We realize that we are not perfect and there are ways that parents can partner with us to make us better. We also recognize that we are doing some things very well and want to celebrate those things with you as well. As a school, we also realize that we can be a support when parents are having trouble with their children spiritually, behaviorally, socially, or academically. Communication together is crucial to a great partnership. God has blessed us with amazing families and we want to celebrate your child’s successes and work on their academic challenges together.
I am praying for you! Mrs. Huntsman

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