An Encouraging Word

By: Webmaster|Date: Jan 24, 2015|Tags: School News


“Your teachings have great importance! What you teach guides your children when they walk and watches over them while they sleep. Your instructions are lights for their lives and speak to them even when you aren’t there.

You may not have a professional degree, but you are a world- class teacher all the same. And you practice your profession on a daily basis – not on a college campus or behind a podium in a marble-floored classroom – but right there in the warmth of your carefully kept home.

While you’ve gone about the rigorous routines of parenthood, little eyes have watched and little minds and hearts have been shaped for eternity. Your young pupils have learned of sacrificial love as they’ve seen you take the last and least so others can have more. They’ve learned to distinguish right from wrong as they’ve observed your life of honesty and integrity. They’ve learned about faith as they’ve heard you pray to an unseen God – sometimes in tears, sometimes with thanksgiving, always with a firm belief that God is real, that he hears your prayers, and that he responds faithfully. They’ve learned that failure is not final as they’ve seen you confess your own faults and offer generous forgiveness to others. Above all, they’ve learned what real love means – it means sharing hurts, hopes, joys, and homecomings; it means staying when it would be easier to leave, defending when others accuse, holding on when you’re tempted to let go, and letting go when you desperately want to hold on.

The same lips that have countless times formed the word ‘Mom or Dad,’ will say, ‘Thanks, Mom and Dad for your precious
teachings. You’re the best.’” (Excerpts taken from: Hugs for Mom by John Smith)
I am praying for you!
Mrs. Huntsman

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