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By: Webmaster|Date: Dec 13, 2014|Tags: School News


This month we are focusing on the character trait of caring. Caring is defined as being kind, being compassionate, showing you care, expressing gratitude, forgiving others and helping people in need. As we approach this Christmas season, it is important our children are trained to think of others. One way children can learn more about caring is to focus on the neighbors around your home. It is fun to make cookies or fudge and take it to their home. When my children were little, we would make ornaments for our neighbors or bake them cookies to eat during the Christmas season. Now that my children are grown, I still like to make cookies for our neighbors. Who is training who? What a joyful habit to begin and continue through the years. This is a fun activity and so appreciated by those who receive it. If there are no houses near your home, you may want to encourage an older member of your church. Children think it’s fun, and they learn practical ways to share. Your act of kindness makes a difference in the neighbor or older person’s life. God works through people! Let’s give our children the chance for God to work through them! Let’s show our children how to truly care for others.
I am praying for you, Mrs. Huntsman

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