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encouragement for you

As we navigate these days of COVID-19, we will seek to share resources that we believe will be helpful to you as a family. We look forward to continuing to share these resources throughout the coming weeks to provide encouragement to you and your children. If you come across blog posts, videos, or podcasts that you would like to share, please send those to peggy.paulson@plymouthchristian.org.

Family Life Today, A Cru Ministry is one of those resources. The following is their mission, and below that, some excerpts, taken from their website:

Why We Exist

FamilyLife’s mission: to effectively develop godly marriages and families who change the world one home at a time.

To effectively develop …

Real families are busy. So FamilyLife creates resources and events that deal directly with your home’s spiritual power source and the complex inner workings of your family.  We fill your tank with God’s Word as it relates to issues you face every day.

In light of their mission, Family Life is providing tremendous resources during this time to help your family manage the stress, and remember to have fun with your children. We specifically enjoyed a recent podcast delivered by Dave and Ann Wilson, hosts of Family Life Today. In addition to his role with Family Life, Dave Wilson is also the lead pastor of Kensington Church in Troy.  Just under 30 minutes long, this podcast provides practical advice that we can all use. Entitled, Hope Isn’t Canceled, you can find the link HERE.  “Dave and Ann Wilson bring us six W’s of hope for families during COVID-19, including Word (reading the Bible), Worship (having a vertical perspective), Work/Play (finding a healthy balance), Words (relationships need communication), Walk (love and serve your neighborhood), and Weave (seizing the moment by coming together as a family).”

In addition, Phil Vischer, the creator of Veggie Tales, is providing free access to his full digital library to Family Life listeners. Open the link above to learn more about this amazing offer that we think you and your children will enjoy!

Learn more about Family Life by visiting their website HERE.




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