Elementary Science Lab Notes

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At PCA, we are thrilled that our elementary students have the opportunity to attend class in our secondary science lab. On a rotating schedule, students from kindergarten through 6th grade visit Mrs. Hott’s science lab, studying a wide range of topics, while performing hands-on experiments. While studying in Mrs. Hott’s science lab, elementary students are taught all the science lessons from a biblical worldview. We are grateful for this amazing collaboration between our secondary science department and our elementary classes and for the opportunity to teach all science at PCA through the truth of God’s word! Stay tuned to PCA social media to catch photos of our young scientists in action! Highlights of their lessons during the month of February:


  • Describe temperature and how to measure it
  • Build a thermometer and test it in hot and cold
  • First Grade

  • Identify the day of Creation on which God created the atmosphere…Day 2
  • Identify the 3 things necessary to make a cloud: air pressure, water, dust
  • Make a cloud in a bottle using those three things
  • Second Grade

  • Review the order of the planets in the solar system with a rhyme and stickers
  • See a model of how big the sun is compared to the earth
  • Make an Oreo model of the phases of the moon
  • Reflect on how the heavens declare the glory of God! Psalm 19:1
  • Third Grade

  • Crack open their “fossils”
  • Draw their fossils
  • Make an impression with playdoh
  • Remember how fossils were formed in the Flood (Genesis 6-9)
  • Fourth Grade

  • Identify the day of Creation on which God created plants …Day 3
  • Dissect flowers
  • Label a diagram
  • Identify the stamen and pistil
  • Show how pollen travels from anther to pistil
  • Fifth Grade

  • Identify the meaning of rock layers in two ways: according to evolution & according to the Flood (Genesis 6-9)
  • Make layers quickly and slowly and see if there is a difference
  • Sixth Grade

  • Be able to tell the difference between genotype to phenotype
  • Perform an activity that will “translate” genetic info into a physical appearance

In addition to the opportunity that our elementary students have to visit Mrs. Hott’s science lab, they also study science in their classrooms throughout the school week. From building volcanos in kindergarten to studying the surface of the earth in 5th grade, PCA elementary students are challenged to grow in their knowledge and love of science!

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