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It’s great to have you back!

Dear Elementary Families,
I am thrilled to be back in school, and I hope that your first days are going well! There is nothing like the sound of students filling our halls and classrooms. The interaction with students and staff is what I love about my job!

There are a few things I want to share with you today regarding “Purple Flag” dismissal, PE clothes, and the elementary online school store. As we work through these first days with all these safety measures in place, thank you for your patience. I know it’s quite a bit to absorb, and I am grateful to be on the same team with you!

In Christ,
Ryan Batson
Elementary Principal & Curriculum and Instruction Director

Purple Flag Dismissal

What is it?
Purple Flag Dismissal will take place when inclement weather does not allow for our elementary students to be dismissed outside at the car line. Previously, this was known as Red Flag Dismissal, but this new process now replaces that.

How will you know that it’s a Purple Flag Dismissal Day?
You will be informed of Purple Flag Dismissal through text and phone calls. Please make sure that all cell phone numbers that you want to receive texts are properly registered with the school offices.

To help you understand this new protocol, I’ve created the following video. Questions? Please let me know! ryan.batson@plymouthchristian.org

P.E. Dress Code

There may be some questions regarding P.E. clothing for your elementary students. I want to clarify these questions for you.
Who needs to wear P.E. clothes for gym class? During Phase 4 (which we are currently in as a school), we are unable to use the locker rooms and bathrooms for changing clothes. Therefore, kindergarten through 4th-grade students will remain in their dress code clothing for their scheduled P.E. classes. 5th and 6th-grade students will be provided P.E. clothing and will wear those on the day they have scheduled P.E. class.
How do parents get P.E. clothes for 5th and 6th-grade students? We have created a google form for parents of 5th and 6th-grade students to fill out, indicating sizes and teachers. Click HERE for that form. Please fill this form out by Friday, August 28. Mrs. Brodhagen will be following up if there are any questions. If you need to reach her, please email her at marisa.brodhagen@plymouthchristian.org.

Elementary Spirit Wear Store

Back by popular demand, PCA’s Parent Teacher Fellowship is hosting an online spirit wear store that is geared for elementary students (but anyone can order if you’d like!). Within this store, there are dress code approved items, such as polos and sweatshirts, that your elementary student can wear to school throughout the year. Other items can be worn on our spirit wear Fridays. 5th and 6th grade can also purchase the long athletic pants that can be worn over their gym clothes. Questions? Please contact PTF President, Andrea Shook, with any questions! andrea.shook@plymouthchristian.org

Shop Now by Clicking HERE!

South Redford Shared Time

You may not be aware, but we have had an amazing relationship with the South Redford School District for a Shared Time Program for the past several years. According to michiganvirtual.org, “Shared time services is a State of Michigan program that allows public schools to provide services to private schools at no cost to the private school in the non-core elective areas.” In some schools that may mean that public school teachers actually teach at the private school. In our case, it means that our non-core teachers are employed by both PCA and South Redford for the courses they teach. While we take part in this program with South Redford, we do want to assure you that as a private Christian school, we have full control over our curriculum and all aspects of the program. This allows us to maintain the delivery of education through a biblical worldview without compromise. This program allows us to provide your students with the best options for electives while saving money for our school.

As we plan for the coming year, please know that our goal is to remain in-person, on campus for those who have selected this model. Only in the case of the state moving back to Phase 3 would we move to an all-online model. However, for planning purposes this year, South Redford is requesting that all families to fill out the following parental consent form in the event that we do move back to Phase 3. Questions? Please contact Caryn Huntsman at caryn.huntsman@plymouthchristian.org. Thank you!
Click HERE to complete the permission form.

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