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Eagle News…Week of April 27-May 1

By: Webmaster|Date: Apr 27, 2020|Tags: Eagle News

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From the Desk of Mrs. Huntsman
I want to thank you for your prayers and patience as we seek to support and honor our students in these final weeks of their education. Truthfully, this week was most challenging. I found myself saying, “I don’t know” more than any time in my life. What I’m learning to say is that I’ve gained a new perspective as I look toward the future. Even though the finish line looks a bit blurry and I’m uncertain about how long the race is going to take, I do know that this difficult season will not always be with us. As we persevere, we will emerge more dependent on our Father, stronger, and most importantly, more like Jesus. May we keep our eyes focused on Him and trust 2 Corinthians 4:6-8, where it reminds us, “Do not lose heart… for this light and momentary affliction is preparing us for an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison.”
We are praying for every student and every family. It’s difficult to convey just how much our seniors are in our thoughts, our hearts, and our prayers. Our sincere desire is to honor this special group of graduates in a way that will have a lasting impact on their world for Christ – mission accomplished. Stay tuned for EPIC senior celebration plans and end of the year virtual events that will become an unforgettable part of our school’s fantastic history.
Educating for Eternity,
Caryn Huntsman
PCA Superintendent

Virtual Campus Connections
The Admissions Team at PCA has been busy welcoming new families into our school community, despite the fact that our campus is closed. This week, we are introducing PCA’s Virtual Open Houses:
  • Preschool & Begindergarten – Tuesday, April 28, 7-8 pm
  • Elementary (K-6th) -Thursday, April 30, 7-8 pm
  • Secondary (7th-12th) – Tuesday, May 5, 7-8 pm
The Virtual Open Houses will give prospective parents the opportunity to join a live 1-hour Zoom Webinar meeting, where they will learn about our programs, our people, and our passion for education from a biblical worldview. During the meetings, Leanne Windle will lead our staff and administration through a series of panel questions, giving our guests the opportunity to learn all about these grade levels.
Do you have friends or family interested in learning more? Please share this news! Prospective families simply need to email, let us know they want to attend one of these open houses, and we’ll reply with the meeting link!

The Class of 2020
School closure has been difficult for all members of the PCA family, but none more than the Class of 2020 and their parents. Senior year is a milestone unlike any other in a student and family’s life, and we are deeply grieved that they are not spending their final months of high school on our campus. We realize that we cannot get this time back, but we are determined to do what we can to celebrate and honor this class. So we have formed a Class of 2020 Committee and the planning has started!
  1. Watch our FB and Instagram as we celebrate a senior each day. Share a message with them in the comment section and we’ll be sure to make sure they receive those messages when we complete our “Senior Salute” social media campaign. Special thanks to Hannah Askew, Class of 2020, for creating the graphics we are using in this campaign!
  2. Seniors: Mark your calendar for this coming Friday, May 1. A team of Class of 2020 committee members will be driving to your homes this Friday to deliver your yard sign and cap and gown (socially distanced of course!). While there, we want to capture a photo of you and your family. Since May 1 is also College Commitment Day, we ask that you wear a college shirt/sweatshirt/hat if possible. We cannot wait to see you this Friday!
  3. In place of the traditional Senior Walk, the Class of 2020 will be part of an epic Senior Car Parade! The entire PCA family is invited to join us on Tuesday, May 19, 4 pm, when our senior class will be taking to the streets in their decorated cars in a parade as we cheer them on. Information will be coming soon with the parade route and the details about returning to PCA’s campus following the parade to capture photos of our seniors outside their cars. Seniors…you’ll be receiving a separate email with all the info you need to know!
  4. In addition to the traditional Class of 2020 yard sign, we will be producing yard signs with your senior photo that will line our campus. This photo needs to be a high- resolution horizontal      headshot from among your senior pics. Please send that picture to Peggy Paulson at by Friday, May 1.

We love our seniors!

Prayer Focus
“Surely God is my help; the LORD is the one who sustains me.” Psalm 54:4
Good evening Moms In Prayer friends! I hope this email finds you healthy and safe. So much is changing in our world right now on a rapid basis. But we know that our God is a God who SUSTAINS. He strengthens, supports, and carries us. Please pray this week for God to sustain our families, our schools, and our communities. Specifically, we ask for prayer:
  • For God to guide our strengthen our families in health, both physical and spiritual.
  • For guidance for our administration and teachers as they continue to navigate distance learning opportunities and challenges.
  • For our parents and students to sustain and have patience through this unusual process.
  • For a new, renewed, or strengthened relationship for our students, families, staff, and teachers with God as we lean into Him during this time.
“You make your saving help my shield, and your right hand sustains me; your help has made me great.” Psalm 18:35
We are praying for you and your families! If you have any specific prayer requests, please reach out to us personally. We miss you!
We are praying for you, our PCA family, in this challenging time! 
Jen Hock and Sarah Batson, Moms in Prayer Leaders

Updated Parent Survey This Week
We sincerely appreciate your feedback in our parent surveys, and we are diligently working to adjust our strategies to serve your needs better. This week, you’ll find that we have changed the survey questions to gain a deeper understanding of your child’s learning needs.

Spiritual Formation
As we continue to grow in our faith in new and different ways, we invite you to engage in weekly chapels. Please slow down, listen in and discover ways to grow in your walk with Jesus and love those around you. Especially during this time, we are reminded that we need a strong understanding of God’s Word to discern and encounter a caring, loving, all-knowing God. Grab your Bibles, kick your feet up, and see what God has for you!
  • Secondary Chapel: Tuesday, April 28 with Pastor De’Juan Artley
  • Elementary Chapel: Thursday, April 30, with Mrs. Beth Larabee.  Learn the S.O.A.P. Bible Study method with me.  Don’t miss it!
You can view previous chapels by visiting the PCA Vimeo video page:

MIAC Competition Begins Today
MIAC is starting at home competition Monday, April 27th starting with H.O.R.S.E. PCA students will compete against students from other MIAC schools. New events will be introduced each Friday through the end of the school year. Athletic skills, creativity, engineering skills, and much more will be put to the test so all students can be involved. There will be event winners and an overall MIAC games champion.
This past Friday, Matt Windle was featured on State Champs, explaining this creative competition. Check it out below!
Today on STATE CHAMPS! Live, we'll be talking with Brad McCormack & Matt Windle, Athletic Directors from the MIAC Conference

The Class of 2029 did it again! A Birthday Parade for Jovie Kapera this weekend! Thanks to all the parents in this class who made this happen!
Happy Birthday Jovie!
Easter may be over, but Project ENCOURAGEMENT continues! We have received requests from a few PCA families who want to add their senior loved ones to the encouragement card list. If you have a senior citizen in your family who could use some encouragement, please email us at and share their address. By next week, we hope to have a new list of seniors and their addresses to share with you via this newsletter!

Math Olympics 2020
Plymouth Christian participated in the ACSI Math Olympics event last month, and the results are in. There were some close contests and a few ties, and we’re proud of our PCA 3rd-8th grade students. They did a fantastic job and are learning their math concepts well!
Reasoning Category:
  • Sam Hock-1st place (*medalist)
  • Lacy Edwards-3rd place ribbon
  • Jovie Kapera-5th place ribbon
  • Ethan Heussner-4th place ribbon
  • Vianne Buchler-2nd place ribbon
  • Grace Jurecko-1st place (*medalist)
  • Liam TenBroeck-3rd place ribbon
Computation Category:
  • Samantha Ferguson-5th place ribbon
  • Chloe James-2nd place ribbon
  • Ella Paul-4th place ribbon
  • Reagan Schils-5th place ribbon
  • John Stepanian-1st place (*medalist)
  • Sammy Tapia-3rd place ribbon
  • Mia Houk-5th place ribbon
*Medalist; Medals are awarded to students who not only win a 1st place ribbon in their division, but they also score an 85% or better on all four rounds of testing.

Georgie and the Giant Germ
We found a resource that we think may be helpful if you have small children at home. Zero to Thrive at the University of Michigan has partnered with Tender Press Books to produce a children’s coloring book to help them process their feelings related to COVID-19. You can download and print Georgie and the Giant Germ by clicking on the picture to the right.

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