Daily 5 is gaining momentum

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You have probably heard PCA elementary teachers talk about the Daily 5. Just in case you’re wondering what it is, we want to provide an explanation of this great tool being used at PCA. The Daily 5 is a wonderful organizational system to practice reading skills and promote student independence.

During the Daily 5 students do the following:

    Read to self
    Read to others
    Word work
    Work on writing
    Listen to reading

As we all know, to become a better athlete we need to practice. To become a better musician, we need to practice. To become a better reader/writing, we need to practice. The format of the Daily 5 is rotated between these various activities:

    10 minutes whole group instructions followed by
    15 minutes independent work time
    10 minutes whole group lesson presented by the teacher
    15 minutes for the students to practice the new skill in a Daily 5 session

During the 15 minutes of independent work time, students choose what they want to work on first. The choices are: Read to Self, Read to Someone, Word Work, Work on Writing and Listen to Reading. Also, during this 15 minute work time, the teacher meets with students individually or in small groups to monitor student’s growth. Since the student and teacher set goals for the next time they will meet, students are invested and focused to achieve that goal. Since the teacher records each meeting there is a running record of the student’s progress.

We are eager to see the results of this program as it gains momentum throughout our elementary classrooms. Special thanks to DeDe Byers, PCA 4th grade teacher, for being a Daily 5 Superuser and for sharing this blog post with us!

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